Thursday, November 12, 2009

Would the following scenario be considered self defense?

A man, lets call him A, is at his relatives house when some people he has issues with see him there they try to start a fight, but are told to leave. They come back again to start trouble, but are told yet again to leave. They come back a third time with another man, lets call him B, who claims to have a gun. When man B approaches the porch where man A is, man B reaches for his pocket, then man A shots him several times. Would this be considered self defense?|||Jimmie made a good point.

The other guy cole is a Liberal douche.

The actions of B and his friends clearly demonstrated an attempt to due you harm. They were told to leave private property and returned univited several times, apparently in a violent manner. Any reasonable judge or jury would conclude that A acted in the best interests of A and A%26#039;s family. You are allowed to carry a gun on your own property, most likely ruling out any possibilities of B making a claim against A.|||No.

Self defense using lethal force is only allowed when there is a clear and imminent danger. A man walking towards you reaching into his pocket, even if he says he has a gun, is not clear and imminent danger. If anything, if he did have a gun he could say he was drawing because YOU had a gun out. This makes his actions self defense and your actions the clear and imminent danger.

I would vote you get some jail time. |||As a former military policeman, I would believe this would be considered self defense, here%26#039;s why. We are told that in order to use deadly force, a person must demonstrate intent, opportunity, and capability to harm you. Based on what you told me this person B who shows up with the previous group who were told to leave on several occasions demonstrated that he had the opportunity to harm person %26quot;A%26quot; because he was there. Intent can be determined because he was there against the property owner will. Capability cant be completely proven because no weapon was seen. One can only guess what man %26quot;B%26quot; was going in his pocket to get, but based on the previous events, one only have a split second to decide to defend himself or not. I think man %26quot;A%26quot; made the right choice.

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