Thursday, November 12, 2009

What if you killed someone in self defense?

Im christian and i have always thought....What if you killed someone in self defense would god be mad?|||%26quot;Thou shalt not kill%26quot;

%26quot;Turn ye other cheek%26quot;

%26quot;Be ye meek%26quot;

nothing about self defense there.|||Christianity is too contridicting. The old testement states %26quot;eye for an eye.%26quot; The new testement states %26quot;turn the other cheek.%26quot; I guess you should listen to the new information. God probably would be mad, but most people died from religious wars than anything else, so if there is a God, he should understand self-defense. Okay that was a snyde remark. I hear that death is something that people should be okay with so self-defense is probably supposed to be bad since it is not turning the other cheek.|||It is like defending ones country, to defend ones self, is it not? Imagine what the world would be like today if we had not have %26#039;defended ourselves%26#039; in WW2! I have pondered you question before to come up with that logic, but the bible says not to %26#039;murder%26#039; - kill is a bad translation, so defending yourself is not murdering someone, is it?|||I can%26#039;t answer for God.. But I think that if you tried to avoid the situation.. if you didn%26#039;t put yourself in a situation where this was likely to happen. That you were attacked without reason.. Then God would probably not hold it against you. If you could have gotten out of the situation without killing.. If you could have avoided this entirely.. but choose not to, then I suspect you would be judged for your actions.. |||I%26#039;m a christian too, and that%26#039;s something that I also think about. I personally think though, that I%26#039;d be okay. I don%26#039;t think that it is considered murder, you are just trying to protect yourself. |||jesus said turn the other cheek, if you die your in a better place any way but if you do hit back in self defence and kill them i think you might do alright in gods book|||didn%26#039;t he say %26quot;an eye for an eye%26quot;? I don%26#039;t think he%26#039;d be mad that someone killed in self defense. |||then that means you killed someone in self-defense. |||I don%26#039;t believe so. Would you get mad if one of your children killed some in self defense?|||Not if that was the only option.|||no

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