Thursday, November 12, 2009

What is the kind of self-defense fitted to kids?

Whoa! here i am again, i already asked a question yesterday, please helpme. . . my research paper is to be passed on thursday! please help me get an answer fast. . . what type of self defense could be applied to kids for them to be able to defend themselves?|||Pretty much all of the common martial arts have programs for young children, usually starting at age 5. Kung Fu and Karate are the two best. If you can find a Ninjitsu instructor, sign up immediately. Real Ninjitsu instructors aren%26#039;t easy to find. Also, make sure that the program includes Tai-Chi lessons, as those are the self control exercises.|||Martial arts are definitely a self-defense for all children. Most instructors will take on a child of any age as long as they can comprehend what they are doing. I%26#039;ve actually watched a class of little ones and they seemed to have fun participating even if they didn%26#039;t understand some of the stuff.|||Martial Arts cant help as much as just practicing hitting that punching bag 15 min a day.|||Fat kids are harder to kidnap so i%26#039;d say fat|||Tae Kwon Do is a Korean Martial Art I can recommend

for children taekwondo is an Olympic sport|||yell,scratch,kick,bite poke with any thing sharp pencil,pen and so on..

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