Thursday, November 12, 2009

What is a great auto or foldable knife for self defense?

I have a KABAR but those aren%26#039;t exactly legal or practical to carry around. I want an auto or a folding knife that YOU think would be a great self defense last-resort deterrent.

I%26#039;m thinking Karambits might give me the most effective survival chances (outside of defusing a situation) |||A knife can be a psychological deterrent by threatening an aggressor, but they are not effective for self-defense combat. Knives have lethal ability, but little to no stopping power. Attackers 97% never feel they%26#039;ve been cut or stabbed, even lethal wounds.

Further, you are incurring serious liability to yourself. I have two cases I studied recently in the courts where people used knives to defend themselves from physically larger attackers. Both inflicted superficial wounds that did not stop the attacker, then a fatal stab wound that ultimately killed the attacker. In both cases, the person defending themselves with the knife is now in jail serving murder or manslaughter sentences.

We instinctively WANT knives to be good for self-defense. After all, people in the old days fought with knives and the the military uses them and teaches knife combat. But that is in acts of war and open combat, not our world, the modern civilian world. Our goal is not to kill our enemies. Our goal is to survive and avoid being injured.

If you need something for self-defense, use a blunt force item like a baton, flashlight or walking stick. Or use higher-quality pepper spray like Def-Tec, Fox, or Sabre. The stopping power is going to be much more effective. And always have a back-up plan.|||and do you think if you kill someone with the knife it will still be self defense?

my friend owned a gas station and a robber pulled a knife on him. he broke the robbers arm with a baseball bat. the robber sued my friend and won several 100k, even though it was self defense.

another one of my friends a very good fighter was jumped by a gang of people with knifes he put 3 in the hospital and killed 3 others. he spent 10%26#039;s of thousands of dollars on lawyers over the next couple of years proving it was self defense. even though he was sliced up during the fight.

the courts may not always see it as self defense. or it will cost you a lot to prove it.

this is why i always carry a marker. it can be found in any store and is not a weapon or not a weapon in the eyes of the law anyway|||The Boker Subcom is the only knife I ever carry around with me. It%26#039;s small enough that it is considered legal and is actually a great knife for utility, but don%26#039;t let its small lightweight size fool you, this knife can mess someone up if used correctly. Seriously it%26#039;s so small I%26#039;ve forgotten it was on me at times, almost caused me problems getting into certain places cause I forgot it was there it%26#039;s so light. It%26#039;s an awesome knife, I show it to my friends and they all want one!||| I have found great knives at BJ Knives out of Ohio and for working

knives try BWS Knives out of Fl....

Both offer great shapes and edges at prices at about half of most exotic%26#039;s....BWS in particular has what it calls working collectables:

they%26#039;re great looking, some just plain nasty, but you can actually use them in the field.|||I like my Balisong. Mines the real thing from the filipines. The blade is thick and comes to a stubby point but you can hammer it thru a quarter no damage. The thing is made for street knife fighting for which I believe the filipinos are some of the best in the world.|||

Model 1550ST. Lifetime Warranty.|||knives are not really for defence. learn to fight with youhands less trouble if you get into a fight.

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