Thursday, November 12, 2009

What kind of self defense class should I take?

I am 23 years old. I am tiny at 5%26#039;6%26quot; and 100 lbs (no, i don%26#039;t starve myself....I%26#039;m just like this naturally) so I think I need to take a self defense class! At my size, what would you recommend? I don%26#039;t want to break bones :). Thanks!|||there is no best art, only best artists. the quality and frequency of the training will far outweigh the style being trained in.

find a good school, not a good style.

check out all the schools in your area, take free classes.

ask to see their contact drills.

never sign a contract. never pay for rank testing.

look for a clean school with respectable people|||wing chun


capoeria|||Akido is a great self defense style. It is a non violent style that uses joint locks to make an oppoent submit. you also learn ways to defend against more than i attacker at a time called rondori. look into as Akido class in your area.|||look in 2 kung fu san soo my ex was 5%26#039;1 and 105 and i pitty da fool who underestimates her in a fight u will do fine|||i would go wiht something with more speed

wing chun, Tkd, Boxing, Jeet Kune Do there lot of seed MA but those are a few on the top of my head|||judo will suit you!!!|||I imagine you don%26#039;t have a lot of upper body strength. I%26#039;ve never tried this, but look into Aikido. I%26#039;ve heard it%26#039;s hard to hit a person who has practiced this art, and that they use/turn an attacker%26#039;s energy against them. Of course, most martial arts should teach a person this to some extent, but this art may work for you. But you should go and visit a number of schools in your area, regardless of style. They should let you watch classes and maybe take some before paying any money. Avoid contracts. Don%26#039;t let the name of your style and other%26#039;s opinions of those styles influence you. Pick the one that you think works for you.|||You could take any number of classes Just make sure you like the teacher. That%26#039;s really the key because different styles are taught any number of ways depending on whose teaching the class. Ive taken Muay Thai and Hapkido thought they were great. I also really liked Krav Maga. All three of those taught you things you could actually use the first day of class. Krav Maga was cool because wore street clothes (like shoes) like you would in the real world. You%26#039;ll need to learn how to strike someone(without hurting yourself) and how to break someone%26#039;s grip. It%26#039;s also good to learn how to fall. There are a lot of %26quot;traditional%26quot; schools designed for kids that I would skip. If there is a list of virtues printed on the wall stay away. I wouldn%26#039;t look into aikido if you want to learn to defend yourself right away. It requires a lot of finesse and could take years to learn. Even then it%26#039;s effectiveness is often criticized.|||WTF 100LB at 5%26#039;6? Thats way underweight. Try gaining some weight first before considering %26quot;self defense%26quot; because anybody can ******* crush you in 2 moves.

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