Monday, May 17, 2010

Any dudes ever take a self-defense class?

I%26#039;ve signed up for self-defense class already for next semester but I think the class is mainly designed for girls. I was going to take aikido but the spots were filled up at the moment. Is self-defense for everyone? If you ever did join any did it have equal amounts of each gender?|||Self-defense classes are often focused on particular groups and may reflect challenged faced by them particularly, but they tend to highlight their target groups if that is they case.

Self-defense is truly for everyone. Techniques that work are techniques that work, whomever is using them. If the class is well developed, well concieved, well structured, and well taught, it will make you think diffrently, become more aware, and utilize some simple techniques to avoid trouble, talk your way out of trouble, mitigate physical altercations, and use simple physical defense techniques if absolutely necessary. These will work for absolutely anyone.

We teach free quarterly community self-defense classes every year, and often about a half-dozen seminars that are requested by different groups in our area each year. The core of the seminars are the same for all groups, but we are able to modify some of the content and concepts based on who we%26#039;re talking to i.e. elderly indiviudals, students on campus, sex workers, police officers, transgender groups and so on.

I%26#039;d suggest, go to the class. Knolwedge is NEVER a waste of time, and you should learn something useful from the class/es

Good luck,

Ken C

9th Dan HapMoosaKi-Do

8th Dan TaeKwon-Do

7th Dan YongChul-Do|||yes self defense is for every one. ppl come and go in and out of the dojo. At times you will have more girls than boys, and then at times you will have more boys but if i were you I would go ahead and start taking the class.|||Yes I have and it was great and sometimes there can be more woman than men but do not let that change your mind, It is still a good class IF you have a good teacher that is!!|||ive taken krav maga which is more geared towards selfdefense than sport....and my friend took a self defense class in college a few semesters back....a good way to meet some girls|||Go ahead, do not hesistate and enjoy.|||I am a 1st degree Black Belt (Chungdo-kwan style) Taekwondo. Right now our school has 5 adult males, 2 teenage males, 5 boys (age 7 - 12). We also have 11 adult

females, 3 teenage females and 4 girls (7 - 12). Our sister

school (in a bigger town) has 62 students, of them almost 40 are female. It seems to be the trend of the times dude, but you know what? It%26#039;s a great way to meet women (and those that are there are more likely to like the kind of guy they meet there).

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