Friday, May 21, 2010

If you kill in self defense than leave the person there for dead is that illegal?

If you kill to save someone else%26#039;s life and than leave that person there and flee the scene is that illegal. Its a mock trial for the outsiders for school. I need help finding a legal term for this if you know.|||I%26#039;m pretty sure it is - but I can imagine a lot of good reasons for doing it!

I think the difference would be if the person felt unsafe or feared for their life where they were.

Nobody would expect you to stand around and talk to gang bangers or something or in an unsafe area with people threatening you.|||;s not illegal but you definately have to contact the authorities because then you could get in trouble for just leaving a body their and not telling anybody about it.|||it needs to be|||If the person is dead, walking away is not a separate crime, but it might be evidence that a jury could use in considering whether you really felt you were justified at the time. There is no standard legal term for leaving the scene of a homicide.

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