Friday, May 21, 2010

What is the best style of self defense for girls?

Martial arts, karate, kickboxing, boxing?

Which is the easiest to learn and most effective?|||Learn how to fight like %26quot;bad people%26quot; do - street fighting, pub fighting, whatever. You need to know how to throw a good punch, learn how to kick. Since you are female you need to know male weak points in particular. Memorize anatomical points on the body that you don%26#039;t NEED strength to utilize - for instance, find out where to grab someone on the neck to cut off blood flow to their brain - they%26#039;ll pass out within 30 seconds if you do it right.

There%26#039;s tons of points on the human body that don%26#039;t require actual bulk and strength to cause damage. There%26#039;s points on the body where, if you press down hard enough, it will HURT and immobilize your opponent. Push your fingers into the corners of their eyes, find the weak spots in the neck, spine, abdominal region.

Obviously, go for the testicles and such on men, it%26#039;s a cheap shot, but you need cheap shots since you won%26#039;t be defending yourself against some karate instructor who has rules and fights clean, you%26#039;ll be defending yourself against someone with no rules, who uses mixed skills.

There%26#039;s strength, speed and accuracy to be learned in kick boxing. I would have to say try boxing, get a punching bag, and don%26#039;t just learn self defense but offense as well.

Don%26#039;t worry about becoming super strong or bulky, learn how to use your size to your advantage. As I said, there are at least 20 points on the human body that I could name off the top of my head that, when pushed down very hard or hit, would cause pain so intense it would stop someone in their tracks.

On top of that basic stuff, just get in shape so you don%26#039;t get winded quickly. Take a self-defense course to learn basic ways to get out of certain holds, but practice with male friends - just tell them to grab you hard and to not let go, like they really mean to hold on to you with all their strength. Learn from bruises and frustration.

I%26#039;m 125 pounds at the moment, 5%26#039;6, and I can knock my 6%26#039;6, 250 pound husband on his back if I have to, I have had him practice with me because I know he represents a size I would fear and be intimidated by in a scary situation. You just need some basic street smarts in the end, and you have to think VERY quickly.

I can tell you this much: in high school I took a self defense program that lasted months, and in the end, when I had my first serious fight in the Army (practice pit), someone hit me in the face and I began to cry and I was shocked at my own cowardice, I couldn%26#039;t even react, I didn%26#039;t know what to do. All the information I had was there but I was like an idiot, unable to act.

When you%26#039;re in a safe setting, learning with people you trust, you are thrown off balance in a criminal situation. You need to actually put yourself into it, stop being afraid of it. Because all the information you need can%26#039;t help you if you freak out at the spot.|||I have a friend who is teaching me some things she learned from a self defense program. I asked her what it was and she told me to go to this site It%26#039;s really easy to learn and is very effective. Every girl should know this stuff!|||Krav maga, the martial art used by Israeli defense forces and now popular in the U.S. . It teaches no nonsense self-defence for both men and women.|||this one would recommend aikido however, it takes a while to learn properly.|||brazilian jiu-jitsu

in this way you could master beating up heavier and bulkier opponents through submission and grapples|||just let me be your body guard, this is the easiest and more effective way to be well protected

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