Monday, May 17, 2010

Tell me when you used Judo for self defense?

Tell me when you used Judo for self defense or just to kick some butt. How did everything happen?, what technique did you use?, what was the end result?.

Please only Judo.|||I%26#039;m somewhere between beginner and intermediate in jujutsu, but after learning some basic hip and over the shoulder throws from a basic Judo stance, I started working them in from big haymaker type punches. This way I won%26#039;t have to fight to pull someone off balance; they%26#039;ll provide their own forward momentum when they step into the punch, and I can just step in and amplify that momentum with my own pull. Result: easy ippon seio nage.|||Hehe...I%26#039;ve used Judo on a couple of boyfriends in the past!

I always tell a guy that I%26#039;m dating not to piss me off or I%26#039;ll go Seoi Nage on their ***!|||whenever i full around with my friends or cousins, i just use the basic tripping technique, where you slide your leg against the opponent to trip him

or just simply behind the back arm bar

i use this because it is easier to control

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