Monday, May 17, 2010

Could it be self-defense even if you threw the first punch? what are the details of self-defense?

like if this guy is saying that he is goin to hit you and he is about to, but you hit him first then if it self defense

like the law says self defense is when you are entitled to use reasonable force to defend yourself or others from attack....but it doesnt say that you cant hit him first. right

i guess what im really asking what are the details of self-defense|||It%26#039;s simply this the law states if you hit first then you are legally in the wrong as its not deemed as self defense.

But the law is an @ss as the saying goes.

Bruce Tegner( the early American Jiu-jitsu pioneer )explains it in more detail and I quote.

You are morally the defending man even if you hit first,providing that you have made it clear to all witnesses if present including the antagonist/s that you do not wish to fight and then you strike the first blow.

That is morally ,not legally,but as I said the law is an @ss.

Your choice on this one.

Best wishes :)***|||Well, let%26#039;s be careful with this... Self-defense is an affirmative defense. It means that you admit that you did what you%26#039;re being charged with, but there were mitigating circumstances that make it not a criminal act. You can still be arrested, arraigned, and prosecuted for defending yourself, so it%26#039;s not a %26quot;given%26quot;. 12 people who weren%26#039;t there still may have an opportunity to say you didn%26#039;t have to use the force you did to escape.

So, here%26#039;s the general outline for what constitutes assault and self-defense. For assault, a reasonable person must feel that an aggressor means to do him harm and that the harm is physical and imminent. The amount of force used to respond in self-defense is equal to or less than the imminent force being received, and continues only so long as the threat remains imminent (that is, there is no possible means of escape).

So, say that an attacker is starting to draw back an arm for a punch so you quickly throw a punch to dissuade him, that would generally be considered reasonable (the attack is coming, or you at least reasonably expect it is, and you%26#039;re preventing it). However, sticking around and continuing the fight if there%26#039;s room to escape may negate a self-defense claim.||| It does depend where you live,check with the authorities on legalities. He did already tell you his intentions and was already taking a swing at you,you can defend yourself at this second by blocking the swing or side stepping it,it will depend on which hand/arm is coming toward you,if it is from the right(his right hand/fist),side step to your right,if you wish to,go ahead and knock him in the left jaw or strike with basic chop to left jugular vein,this should give him one heck of a jolt causing him to be so dizzy even for a few seconds,get out out of there. |||Your opponent must initiate the attack 1st and you must use minimal force to subdue him. if your opponent has a weapon and you inure or kill him the self defense law will be 100 % in your favor if you don%26#039;t over kill.In a case where you beat,

Stab, or shot someone many times that was not necessary you could be charged with manslaughter even if it was self defense.In that case self-dense will be hard to prove.|||it depends a lot if he is just talking crap or you really think he is a threat.

if he moves forward to attack you can hit him before he hits you.

or if he tells you he has a knife or somethign beat the crap out of him to prevent him from drawing the knife.

|||If someone is attacking you and you feel it is being done with malicious intent you have the right to protect yourself even if you throw the first punch.|||Self defense is whatever the law says it is in your state.

The definition varies from state to state.|||look up the term %26quot;fighting words%26quot; it legally may be your way to throw the 1st punch |||this varys from state to state. where I live that is well with in the laws. we often joke that %26quot;it all started when he hit me back%26quot;|||chuck norris owns all|||God help me if I ever have to use my Art...

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