Monday, May 17, 2010

When is it considered self defense?

A group of kids are looking to take me out. I know i won%26#039;t be able to take out 5 kids by myself. My question is if they come up to me and I hit them with a baton/nightstick, could I claim self defense? Or do I have to waite for them to hit me first?|||Any reasonable use of force to protect yourself.

The problem is the word reasonable. That pretty much means that you can%26#039;t start the assault and you either have to be hit first or one of them has to say %26quot;we are going to attack you%26quot; in front of witnesses. Then you can pull you your taser and expendable baton and beat them off.

The problem is that in this kind of battle the victory usually goes to the one who acted first. If that is you then you are guilty of assault and battery. If that is them then they are guilty and you are in extreme pain. You need a witness to prove that you were not just menaced or threatened, but were in true fear for your life.|||I%26#039;ve had a problem similar. I was in school and these kids (3) wanted to get me, So when they came up close to me, I just waited for one of them to begin harassing me, then I attacked (which I lost by the way but still). Explained to the police that came and showed them my little Voice Recording I had on (This was really helpful because it made the police go on my side) So they listened, and it was filed as Self Defense.

So...carry a voice recorder, tell them you will fight back if they try anything, and if they continue...then attack...Just be sure you%26#039;ll not get yourself to hurt...I had to deal with a broken arm. And as said by others, you may want to check with the police first.|||honestly kid, dont f*ck around, i grew up in boston also and no one made empty threats, if someone said they were gonna jump you it was gonna happen

the best defense is a good offense, so catch each of them by themselves and take them out, remember there is no such thing as a fair fight so dont be afraid to take out a knee, a man cant fight if he cant walk|||They do not have to hit you. If they are engaging you, you can immediately defend. That is how it works in Europe anyway. If someone is chasing you with a knife, you do not have to wait until you are stabbed to fire your gun, or whatever weapon you have.

hope it helps.|||If they were making serious threats and invading your space and privacy, i would classify it as self-defense. however, you must be careful about how hard you hit them because if it causes too much damage, they might be able to claim it as assault.|||When I go hiking in the back country of Wyoming and Montana I always carry the big can of pepper spray made specifically to ward off bears in case I run into a grizzly bear. It shoots a stream of it quite far. Try that if they come at you.|||You have to have rock solid evidence and prove that they were a threat to your safety and then it will be considered self defense.|||When you or someone close is immediately threatened. It does not have to escalate to actual physical confrontation.|||it wont look like self defense if u go at them sounds call the police and ask them...honestly..they will be the ones who judge the situation so they would know..|||R.O.E.%26#039;S

DO NOT FIRE UNLESS FIRED UPON|||Get some help from some adults-that%26#039;s wrong what they are doing.

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