Friday, May 21, 2010

What organization provides for self defense, cooperation, and peace among the Latin American countries & US?

It%26#039;s headquarters is located in Washington DC. All the help I could get with this would be great.|||Are you referring to the Organization of American States (OAS)? It is centered in Washington, D.C., but its purposes are for cooperation and peace and economic development in the Americas, not for self-defense...|||Definitely the Organization of American States. It promotes self defense and security by inter-government cooperation to combat drug smuggling, international terrorism and other threats. Here%26#039;s more from its website:

%26quot;The OAS is the region鈥檚 principal multilateral forum for strengthening democracy, promoting human rights, and confronting shared problems such as poverty, terrorism, illegal drugs and corruption. It plays a leading role in carrying out mandates established by the hemisphere鈥檚 leaders through the Summits of the Americas.%26quot;

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