Monday, May 17, 2010

Concerning street self defense, which techniques is of the least value to you?

I believe that the spinning crescent kick and the jumping front kick would be the most impractical? What do you think?|||Any kick targeted above the waist. Too many things on the street to slip and fall on. Any punch that locks out and stays there. Too easy to have it grabbed and pulled into a lock or broken(the joint) by a good fighter. Any spinning technique because it gives both a striker and a grappler your back even if only a for a second. Elbows thrown above rib height because it opens your ribs, liver, solar plex, etc. and also let someone get in under it for a choke. Any take down where you have to lower your head and lose sight of your opponents upper body, If he knows how to sprawl and defend it, because an elbow on the back of the head or neck hurts badly(can knock you out) and is legal on the street. (Take downs where you dont give your opponent that chance are good) Basicly any technique that leaves you totally open if you miss/ do not put the guy down.|||Those kicks out of the question. Street self defense is what the question is, usually surprise attacks and sucker shots.Get use to reacting from a natural stance with basic fast effective stopping power techniques elbows , knees , etcs. Also to add any ariel and spinning kicks are dangerous to use even if your ready in a street situation.|||i think reverse thrust is the most effective

however frontal thrust is the least effective|||Hey Mr. M.,

I have a black-belt in Kempo. My teachers taught me to run away. That is the best.

If you cannot, the shortest distance between two points is a straight line - Front kick to the groin (#6 technique), first thing you learn. A series of Grand masters and Masters agree with this.

Spinning would be to turn your back on the situation, not good. Jumping, you lost your rooting for power.

Hope you avoid the situation altogether.|||Its more a question of how good you are and what the situation is. While I have never done the crescent in an actual fight, I have used the jumping front kick. Any move is practical, its up to you to decide to use it in a fight. I have seen people who know how to grapple fight someone much stronger than them and get the mess beaten out of them even though they knew inclose fighting. When staying outside with spinning crescent kicks might have been smarter.|||I agree with Katana|||Any kick higher than the solar plexus is not recommended for street use. Spinning attacks are also very dangerous if not used properly.|||punching is a complete waist of time in my opinion! because once you engage in close quater combat, if the opponent is vastly bigger than you are. Chances are that they will be able to withstand the punishment and continue going the rounds with you. Even if you were to whale on em%26#039; and spinning fancy kicks are for show unless your a master and have complete confidence that your balance won%26#039;t be effected. Spinning heel kicks I have found on more than one occassion are very effective against aggressive big opponents. And depending on if it is a life or death situation you should strike for lethal points such as that%26#039;s all I can tell you..................|||I pretty much agree with you on that, anything too fancy just may backfire on you in a street fight, i think when it comes down to a street fight, your best bet is to have good grappling skills such as wrestling and jujitsu and good good striking skills like kick boxing, considering it mostly starts out on the feet with both people striking at each other out of anger and self defense, one would nee to be able to stand his ground on their feet and if one happens to fall on his back in a fight, that%26#039;s where some jujitsu techniques would come in and considering one most likely will end up locking up with his opponent in a street fight while still on his feet, wrestling would come i handy and once again some good jujitsu and judo techniques as well, i personally never saw myself trying to show boat or have enough time to set some one up to fall into a fancy attack such as a spinning high kick or spinning back fist strike in a bar or street fight.|||I think any technique that involves a katana wouldn%26#039;t help anyone much in most street situations. Odds are if you happen to have one with you, your %26quot;situation%26quot; will be an encounter with several uniformed police officers with handguns, or may even start with a Taser.|||Most of them. A good unstanding of basic boxing, take downs, and a few kicks(round house, front kicks, knee strikes, and the occasional turn sidekick) will do. It%26#039;s a fact that you hit harder when grounded. I have a black belt in TKD and it%26#039;s about the biggest waist of money I should%26#039;ve gone to a boxing or mma gym. The best technique is raw agression, in most schools they teach a counter or defense to get you to one technique truth be told Bubba is just gonna get pissed if you backfist him once, but if you keep pounding away till he can%26#039;t stand the chances are you%26#039;ll be okay. Learn how to throw a %26#039;%26#039;liver strike%26#039;%26#039; ala bas rutten. Worked for me last year in a tussle on the rugby pitch.|||Any kick higher than the knee.|||wrestling means nothing when the other person out weighs you by 50 pounds

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