Friday, May 21, 2010

If jumped by multiple people, would it be self defense to use a knife on them?

If it makes any difference I%26#039;m asking about laws in the US, specifically MA

I know knives are considered deadly weapons and are only appropriate for defense against deadly force, but couldn%26#039;t one be killed by multiple people using only fists?|||It DOES matter where you are, but that is not enough to answer the question. It also depends on factors you will not know until you are actually attacked. this is a case where you should do what is NECESSARY to defend yourself, and deal with the legal issues later.

There is a reason someone said %26quot;I would rather be judged by 12 (jurors) than carried by 6 (pallbearers).|||Carrying a concealed knife is a violation of concealed carry laws in most states. The length of the blade is another factor. I believe a legal length is 3 inches or less. But you tell me, how much defense can you get with a 3 inch blade?

I now the cops tend to be jerks and will give you a hard time, but ask them. The only other option is to go to your local library and ask for help on conceal carry laws in Mass.

Now back to your question. Yes it would be considered self defense. But then it goes back to conceal carry laws. Were you in violation of the law although you have a right to defend yourself.|||If someone is attacked by a gang or more than two people I think it would be safe to say that you did not know their intentions and were therefore in fear of your life. In that case I would call it self defense to use whatever you could get your hands on. Knife, gun, bat, broken bottle or anything else.|||You can use up to a 50mm cartridge (and weapon) for civilian defence, although perhaps not for civilian self-defence, providing that the Department of Defence has not issued any regulations restricting the use of 50mm.

Hope this helps.|||I suppose it would depend on how you hurt them.

If it caused severe damage you%26#039;d be in a lot of trouble

It also depends A LOT on how the whole situation is presented to whoever you%26#039;re telling it to|||sure. here in Florida, a man shot and killed a guy for coming at him with a knife or gun or something.... as far as i heard, nothing bad happened to him.|||Yes, but only as a last resort.|||ya if you feel your life is threatened

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