Saturday, May 15, 2010

Where can i find a self defense class in manchester?

i tried yahooing it but i cant find a bleeding number! i really need to start taking them...can anyone help? oh and i just found a website that sells defense spays..are these legal? it says on the website it is.|||Try checking out or Regards TM|||Hi there

There%26#039;s tons to choose from on google just type in ladies self defense courses in Manchester. Be careful as some of these classes are just martial arts classes for women and are not strictly self defense courses which are completely different. Sometimes your local council or college will set up self defense course run by a certified police trainer so its worth checking with them. Most defense sprays are illegal in the UK so make sure you check this out before you purchase any. If you get caught using them then you will probably get in more trouble your attacker.

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idai|||People have given you plenty of clubs details so I%26#039;ll just address your second question. The answer is: probably not. Pepper spray is usually illegal, CS spray is certainly illegal unless you%26#039;re a cop and on duty.|||There are no self defense classes in Manchester, because they are all gay and cannot even defend themselves from public ridicule let alone in a fist fight. However i have heard that there is a night school there that teaches back sniping and bitchy comments. If you do find out further info please do not reply as i am a heterosexual man.|||Krav maga - it works and offer real practical common sense advice to avoid being attacked in the first place, triple A awareness plan|||Hi here are links to a few places;

Hopefully some of these will be useful. I hope you find something I think self defense for Women is a great idea!

E x|||Hey your are my dear :) go to that site its a Wing Chun School good stuff. Or Thats a Kickboxing School even better :) Have a good day|||look in the phonebook under martial arts and make calls to those places and chose which one is best for u|||Try a phone book or the internet go on google and look up manchester karate studios|||try

u will definetly find it coz google is the main search engine where ppl want to put add abt there business|||hope this helps.|||just go into any bar and shout for everton or liverpool and someone will give you an on the spot workout.|||You could try the Tse Qigong centre

Contact telephone numbers are on their website.

they have a lot of Wing Chun Kuen (created by a woman) and Chen Taiji Quan classes on around Manchester.|||Google Karl Tanswell and the Straight blast gym UK - one of the best in the UK! and it%26#039;s close to Picadilly.

Alternatively, email me as I%26#039;m about 23 miles outside of manchester!|||Look for a Krav Maga class. Great for self-defense. As far as the sprays... the people who tell you they are legal are also making money off of it; so don%26#039;t listen to them. Check with your local police department.

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