Monday, May 17, 2010

How much would it cost for self defense classes?

I%26#039;m wanting to take Taikondo, or some form of marshal arts and was wondering how much it would cost for classes and how long it would take for just a beginner to earn a black belt?|||The classes my husband takes are $89 a month. I don%26#039;t know how long it would take to get a black belt as everybody learns at their own pace.|||Cost varies with location. where I live, usually between $75-$125/month.

Generally 3-5 years to reach 1st degree black belt, but remember 1st degree black belt is a beginner.|||Like Stiffy says, if you%26#039;re Mel Gibson, then you are a billionaire- you can afford good body guards. Being in Hollywood, you should be able to contact any director of Martial Arts movies to forward you to the type of classes you are interested in. Taikondo is almost like kick boxing (lots of leg movements and attacks requiring flexible legs), Kung Fu and Tai Chi are more defencive (like lots more blocking moves than attack moves), Judo is for close combat (like when your opponent gets so close to you that you cannot throw a punch or kick so you learn to grapple and manuver with special complex grabbing like moves), and Karate is more attack moves (like kicking and throwing punches in unique ways). Then there are other specialities too- like Ninjas (the art of professional assassination), Kempo (like using sticks and other objects, and take downs often used by police forces), and so on...|||As rich as you are, money shouldn%26#039;t be an issue....and aren%26#039;t you %26quot;too old for that sh!t%26quot;?|||well Mel, how about good ol%26#039; Jew Jewtsu! lol|||usually it costs $99 to sign up, than theres a free trial month or something to see if you want to continue if that makes sense.|||Cost varies- but for you- 20 bucks a lesson-Well- you have to pay attention and be sober to do it- if you are in shape and a fast learner- maybe a couple years!!|||It will depend greatly on where you live. I live in a small town and classes here are cheap, less than $50 a month. In larger towns it can easily cost twice that. Most school will average two to three years before you get a black belt.

Beware of the McDojo. A place that has a black belt program promising that you%26#039;ll have a black belt in so many months. You%26#039;ll get one and the only thing it will mean is that you bought it. Achieving your back belt, a true rank, requires a lot of work, sweat, and some pain.

Once you have achieved your black belt you can then start truly learning. The black belt in not the end, more like the be genning.

Good luck.|||i wouldnt do tae kwondo ive never been into that art esp for self defense i would suggest a kick boxing or karate class mixed with some grappling 90 percent of fights end up on the ground. monthly rates usually go from 50 to 75 a month sometimes more but when they are usually more i wouldnt train there. it takes aproxamently 5 to 6 years of training to get a black belt in arts like hapikdo which you may like since you wanna study tae kwon do would take about 10 years.

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