Friday, May 21, 2010

What items for self defense can be legally kept in my car?

Is it legal to keep a baseball bat near my car seat? Any other legal weapons to keep there?|||Wow.

Yes. You can keep a baseball bat (or any kind of club-like device)near your seat in your car. However, if that baseball bat is there for self-defense, there%26#039;s a good chance you%26#039;re going to get arrested for section 12020(a) of the Penal Code.

Same thing with some types of knives.

You can legally carry a gun as long as you have had a concealed carry permit issued to you. But please don%26#039;t.

I%26#039;d recommend you read through the section I quoted above, but even then you%26#039;re not going to be an expert on what kind of things might be considered an illegal weapon by law enforcement.|||It will depend completely on the state.

Next if you can reach such item in your car, your car keys are the best weapon, you drive away.

In most states if you have the opportunity to escape and don%26#039;t, then you can be charged with assualt since there was no reason for you to use a weapon to %26quot;protect%26quot; yourself.|||For the idiot who thinks because you didn%26#039;t run away, you will be charged with an assault, that IS the problem NOW! We have empowered the criminals!! If they get hurt during a crime, they can sue and WIN!

Here in Texas, you have the right to protect your property and the property of others from theft or damage. This right does include deadly force if needed. In other words, if I go outside and you have broken into my car and are about to drive off with it, I have the right to shoot and kill, which I will do! (There will not be any missed shot%26#039;s either) If someone tries to carjack me, there will be a body that will be getting picked up and it will not be mine.

Baseball bats and all are legal to carry in Texas, but be careful about how you display them or just wield them to show power or threaten. Those can be used against you. If you pull anything out, USE IT! Correct the problem and go on! If Laws in California are not like this, fire the liberal wimps who run the government and put some people in there that have some guts to do what is right for all to protect what is rightfully theirs!

Enough Said!|||have some cruise missiles, some nuclear war heads and some nukes.. i heard u ppl have many of those things..|||CHECK STATE REGULATIONS... OR JUST LEARN TO FIGHT LIKE A MAN.|||I live in CA too and from what I hear, it%26#039;s illegal to keep a baseball bat next to you in the car; you%26#039;re supposed to have it in the trunk with a baseball! However, the place where I live has no traces of crime, everyone respectfully greet each other with a smile, and help the elders walk across the street!! Okay, I%26#039;m exaggerating! =)

It%26#039;s just wishful thinking...|||Depends on what state you live in. Some states allow for loaded weapons, but I believe with a baseball bat, mace, or taser/stun gun you would be ok.

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