Friday, May 21, 2010

What is the best gun for a woman to purchase for self defense?

And how do I find appropriate training for using it?|||I have a Ruger .22 Pistol, it%26#039;s a semi-automatic. I prefer revolvers, to me they have less kick and are more accurate. But then again that%26#039;s what I learned on, lol. I%26#039;d suggest something that%26#039;s quick, easy to use and load, and that YOU%26#039;RE comfortable with. It won%26#039;t matter if you have the best weapon in the world unless you%26#039;re comfortable with it.

As for the training, I%26#039;m not sure what to tell you. My dad taught me, he%26#039;s a police officer. So maybe you could go to the local police station and ask about it, or you could just go to a shooting range with a friend or somebody that you know and they know what they%26#039;re talking about. Or you could look up classes in your area on the computer.|||It depends on how you are going to use it. If you plan on getting a concealed handgun license (CHL), then obviously a compact would be best. Revolvers are the easiest to use, and for all practical purposes 6 shots will be plenty. If you need the capacity of a semi-automatic (15 shot clips are common) for added peace of mind and if you want to take a little extra time getting to know your weapon this is an alternative to a revolver. In my opinion if you need more than 6 shots, you are fighting a lost cause in most CHL scenarios. If you want it for home defense, then a shotgun should be considered, (12 gauge is best in my opinion) it is difficult to miss your target and is very intimidating to be on the wrong end of.

Most states have widely available shooting ranges, and the owners/employees will be able to set you up with an instructor. If you plan to apply for a CHL, then you will have to take instruction from a CHL instructor who will also be able to arrange a tutorial for additional cost.

Don%26#039;t be afraid to ask around for instruction at your sporting goods store either, most of the local ones can suggest an instructor. The franchise stores might not be quite as helpful, but it wouldn%26#039;t hurt to ask regardless.

Good luck.

edit: check the NRA website for credible references. In most states you do not need a license to purchase a gun, but you do for concealed carry.|||Really, it depends on you. When I%26#039;m on leave my favorite is a Kahr 9mm; but asking what gun is the best for women is like asking what%26#039;s best for men. It depends on the woman, on the hand size, on the tolerance she has for recoil.

I always suggest that people who have never held firearms start with a .22 and go from there; you%26#039;ll avoid the %26quot;flinch%26quot; and it will be easier to practice with, besides that ammo is cheap so you won%26#039;t have an excuse for avoiding the shooting range to practice. But for all intents and purposes, the .22 is a crappy self-defense gun.

A lot of gun stores have rentals available - so you can shoot before buying - or you can just the grips to see what works best for you. It%26#039;s kind of like buying a shoe; it%26#039;s not one-size-fits-all. A general rule for handguns is that the crease of your finger should be on the trigger and the back of the gun between your thumb and forefinger comfortably. That way it%26#039;ll line up with the bones in your arm and you%26#039;ll feel the recoil a lot less.|||If you want to avoid the hassle of a handgun, and you are truly looking for %26quot;self-defense%26quot; and not going apocalypse now on somebody, then a good non-lethal weapon would be a taser. The taser has an effective range of fifteen feet, and can instantly incapacitate a person for anywhere between 10-30 minutes.

But if you are looking for a handgun, I particularly like the cobra patriot subcompact pistol, although i prefer a .45 ACP the 9mm would work great for a woman.|||i would say any little revolver. the reason why the mechanics: easy to clean and no as many moving parts. semi-auto depending on the gun jamming of the slider or feeding the much to take care of and cleaning. i carry a .357 hammerless smith and wesson when i travel mostly. do have a liking for 22 caliburs but haven%26#039;t found the right one yet. do have have some harrington and richards 22 and a semi auto phoenix arms just don%26#039;t carry them any more. like ruger guns the best! i%26#039;m going to pick up a 9mm ruger soon.

go to a gun range and see if anyone would be interested on giving lesson. most gun people are really helpful about their sport...the bull headed ones are the one that make it bad sometimes. pratice and practice and don%26#039;t forget to keep it cleaned and oiled. goodluck|||Some people are suggesting .22s, I would highly advise against it. The .22 lacks any stopping power. If you want something with low recoil and can do some more damage, look into the .380s (such as the Walther PPK) and the 9mms. Personally I%26#039;d rather carry a .40. Look for a local gun range and see if they have any carry and conceal classes. Possibly check with a gun store as they may have some type of card or number you can call for classes.|||.22 hand gun. Easy to shoot and low recoil. In order to get yourself a gun you have to get a gun license. they will train you how to use it. Go out to the range and try out their guns. see what you like.

Don%26#039;t listen to Can J. You cant fire a gun with in a city limit for NO reason, especially on your back yard. If you do it, then its a FELONY. Prison|||smith and wesson x-frame 500. easy to carry around. recoil is nothin. training is a backyard operation|||smith n wesson bodyguard,hammerless

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