Saturday, May 15, 2010

Is it okay for a guy to take a self-defense class?

I%26#039;ve been reading and it seems only women take self-defense classes and that men usually take it because they are the %26quot;dummies%26quot; and get tested on. I enrolled in a self-defense class and I am having second thoughts. Thanks.|||go for it! I don%26#039;t see any real difference in this and some other type of martial arts. Maybe you could even pick up some ladies??|||if the guys in your class are used as the dummies, consider taking a class somewhere else. you paid to be taught, not to be a teaching instrument|||If this is one of those 6 week or 12 week or whatever self defense courses you are wasting time and money .You will forget what you learnt in shorter time than it took you to learn it and skill forgeddaboutit.

That you realize your best moves are instinctive puts you way ahead of those that think there is some magic plan or secret that they have to follow and spend thousands trying to find it .Refine and define those instincts by taking a traditional martial art .Make the plan your plan not what someone else tells you it should be .

A traditional art will expose you to many paths to make yours not just what appears on the surface.|||Never pass on a chance to improve upon the knowledge you already have.|||do it! guys who take martial arts are hot!!!|||I have taken part in them. both as co-instructor, and learner/dummy. everyone can benefit from the simple yet effective advice.

its not a sporting event with macho sparring.

you dont have competitions.

you do get insights into close range strikes and techniques.

all martial arts styles can benefit from the addition of quality self defense tuition. male and female. because all sexes get hassled at some stage.

its not a complete system, but a way of changing the way you deal with threats. its not a way to fight, but to reduce injury to yourself while enabling you to injure attackers.

and even if you are a %26#039;dummy%26#039; there, you will see whether the skills taught are actually logical and worthy of your own personal practice.|||I say go for it. You never know when you will have to protect yourself or even maybe a female. And knowing what to do and the correct way to do it will be very beneficial to you.|||Dont have second thoughts about it. Not all guys are born to protect themselves. Alot of men can%26#039;t but they just have big mouths. When it comes down to it half of them can%26#039;t. That is a good idea that you are doing that. Do not be embarresed you may need it someday.|||I%26#039;d take up a martial art mate, self defense classes don%26#039;t necessarily make you a good fighter and definitely aren%26#039;t as inspirational.|||yes I think its ok for a guy to take self defense. Dont worry bout what the others think. If you think that self defense is to girly go to a gym that has a boxing ring learn there. Ask yourself Is it bad to learn how to defend yourself? Dont ever feel awkward with this.|||Are you serious? Guys ABSOLU-TELY can. I study at a studio where we almost have one hundred students and half of them are guys.

And for the record: Self-Defense is a martial art.|||Like chicken soup it couldn%26#039;t hurt. By all means If you don%26#039;t have time or cant commit to regular martial arts training take a self defense class. Used to be years ago our Dads would give us guys a few pointers and try to give us a little street smarts. Now we hire it out. We offer a self defense class at our school and guys are welcome. We offer free self defense classes to male and female business people as well.|||self defence can be for women u should do martial arts its more macho =]

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