Monday, May 17, 2010

What is the oldest age in which you can take self defense lessons?

I am young and I don%26#039;t want to take them now. I want to know what is the cut off age for those lessons. Can I in the future take them. Like for example if I am 21 can I still take them? Will I be able to advance properly? Will I have to worry about hurting myself?

Please tell me!|||Hi there !

There%26#039;s not such thing as %26quot;cut off%26quot; age. If you%26#039;re concern about ranks, don%26#039;t be.

In Okinawa as well as other cultures, there are practitioners who are still training over the age of 80 years and beyond.

Getting involved in the martial arts at your age or even older, is one way to keep yourself in shape and who knows , might even slow down your aging process. ~smile~

You have the choice to train as mild or agressive as you like. As long as your are training , you will be doing just great. Training is better than no training ! Perhaps you may even learn skills that can save your life as well or the lives of someone else. You know what else ? You may even have a great time doing it !

Bottom line, start training now and don%26#039;t look back, and soon you will aquire what ever it is that you desire !

Good luck !|||Well I m ... ULP! not far off 40 now and been doing karate for past four years, with Krav maga seminars thrown in for good effect. Teach teach Yoga which is my root of 13 years, hope that helps|||people of all ages can do martial arts,i teach MMA and i have guys in there late 50%26#039;s in my class.Look a Coleman who%26#039;s fighting Brock Lesner,he%26#039;s in his 40%26#039;s|||I don%26#039;t believe there is an age limit. I started TKD when I was 56, inspired by my 20 year old son%26#039;s black belt. (I%26#039;m his mother.) My thought was, %26quot;I can always quit if it is too much.%26quot;

Too much? No! By the time I tested out of white I was a total addict!

I received my black belt four years later at 60. My plan was to aim for 3rd degree but my health intervened--*much* to my disappointment.|||80. Even an old lady can taker a class to be able to poke a bad guy in the eye and scream for help.

If you are talking some sort of competitive sport or art they all have teachings and divisions for guys all the way to 60.

If you are talking about becoming a world champion in something you are probably near the maximum age for starting and still make it|||Nope, it%26#039;s never to late, you%26#039;re sometimes going to be in danger when it comes to a situation like that, no matter the age. 21 is good, you%26#039;ll catch on better than younger people.

go for it and good luck!|||120 is the age limit.|||You may find this hard to believe at you age, but people start martial arts at pretty much all ages. I personally began training in my 40%26#039;s. It%26#039;s not that uncommon to see someone pick up martial arts in their 50%26#039;s or 60%26#039;s and do quite well. My instructor teaches a class in self defense at a senior citizen center and has students in their 80%26#039;s.

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