Monday, May 17, 2010

What is a good self defense martial art to learn without spending years doing it?

I%26#039;d like to know a good type of martial art to know some basic things on defending myself if I have to. I was thinking something like krav maga? Is there anything else like this?|||If you can stick with Krav for 6 months you%26#039;ll be brutal enough to leave people lying bloody on the ground behind you. It%26#039;s a rough art man.

My neck was tortured after just one class and choke escapes, kneed in the groin in another, punched SO hard through a thick pad that I felt it THROUGH my torso.

Kenpo is almost Kung-Fu and in my opinion too flashy.

BJJ is very popular and seems to be a foundation for hitting the ground although Krav has ground work too.

Krav is crushing your throat, kicking you in the nuts, taking your gun and shooting you with it kinda stuff. It%26#039;s ugly.

Thankfully the Israeli%26#039;s are the good guys, eh?|||after 8 years was the first time i thought i could defend myself.

there is just too much to put together to learn fast. but, i would consider boxing or grappling. probably grappling, but for self defense, i%26#039;m sorry to say that it takes a long time to learn.

but advice: if you are ever attacked. go for eyes and throat. honestly. they dont have to be punches just anything that hurts. as a black belt, that is my best advice. that is waht i tell my friends. especially the girls.

sorry i didnt tell you what you wanted to hear.|||Ching-Ching Bang. Shotgun weapon style. I hear they don%26#039;t focus too much on silly competitions either.

You could also just be smart enough to outsmart the competition. I%26#039;ve never really had to fight. Why would you need to fight? Still, the fact that I practiced karate and akido probably has something to do with my confidence when that%26#039;s needed in a sticky situation. It%26#039;s always good to know that you could quickly and easily break someone%26#039;s wrist or rapidly dislocate a knee or shoulder. The problem is that you are often taught NOT to do these things due to silly competition rules like %26quot;don%26#039;t break wrists or dislocate limbs.%26quot; That is SO stupid if you are going to prepare for a real fight. I would definitely prefer to attack limbs first and say, %26quot;Oh, I know, moron, that you%26#039;re going to say it wasn%26#039;t your fault that you attacked me. That%26#039;s why I blamed your (extremity dislocated). It did the thinking for you and that%26#039;s why it%26#039;s so messed up right now.%26quot; Fun stuff. I always wanted to use that line, but nobody gives me the opportunity for some reason. Feh. Boring people.|||As far as usefulness- Kenpo%26#039;s the best. A purple belt knows as much as a black belt in other systems- HOWEVER

It takes time no matter what you do. You have to practice over and over. Knowledge does not a fighter make. If you have to think in a fight- you%26#039;ve lost.

Here are some other things to remember. Exercise your heart. It%26#039;s one of the most important muscles in a fight. Avoid it if at all possible- distance is your best friend.|||Tae kwon do|||TaeKwonDo|||Try Isshinryu karate. In a few months if you apply yourself you can have a better than average chance in a fight. But be warned, in any, and I mean any martial art, to get good it will always take years. Isshinryu is fast and to the point as is shorin ryu and goju ryu. They also teach weapons which really broadens your horizons.|||Hyouden gave the best anwer! It takes years to learn a martial art. After you have EARNED a black belt you have just begun to learn.|||a gun|||Here%26#039;s the problem with your question.

Martial Arts are never mastered - they take a lifetime to hone. Sounds cheesy you%26#039;re probably thinking, and you%26#039;ve heard it a million times, but it%26#039;s a journey, and that%26#039;s the truth. Wanting to do the martial arts without wanting to invest heart and true time is like wanting to drive a car for your license test without much time behind the wheel - you can do it, but you%26#039;ll never be proficient at it.

You%26#039;re looking to learn to fight, not learn martial arts. I%26#039;d go with Boxing or something similar - Krav Maga like you said is a quick self defense style. But martial arts take years to learn properly, as well as sweat and mutlitudes of hard work.

To the guys who said TaeKwonDo - sure, if you wanna be mediocre - if that%26#039;s the case you%26#039;re not trying to be a martial artist either. That or you%26#039;re not training properly or traditionally. Sorry if you%26#039;re offended, but as a practicioner for over 7 years through traditional Korean methods, I can attest to what you said being untrue first hand.|||Hi,

I am a Shaolin Kung Fu Stylist but if i need to have someone defend themselves failry quickly and fairly well, i would send them to Boxing or Muay Thai. Both styles have you ring fighting quickly and you learn the core basics of defending yourself within a year (depending on your aptitude). All you need to do is find a good teacher.

Hope this helps!

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