Monday, May 17, 2010

What is the best style of self defense to learn?

I did think it would be boxing as it most closely resembles any street brawl I%26#039;ve ever seen. Everyone has different ideas however. I%26#039;ve been told Jujitsu, Aikido and a pall at work raves about something called Krav Maga.|||the best style of self defence is the one that saves you in a real situation.

boxing is ok but it is designed as a ring sport,also it only has 2 weapons,however it is still a good stand up style.

i would suggest freestyle karate as they teach stand up/ground/grappling,weapons and practicle streetwise self defence.

japanese ju-jutsu is also another good self defence style.

in suggesting them though i would also add that you need to find a good school with a good instructor no matter what style you choose.

an instuctor with real experience if you can find one,and theres not many of them around.real life and real situation experience is a lot different than dojo experience.|||Aikido will not work very well in a real life conflict, but it is an excelent art worth studying as it teaches you to move quickly and how use joint locks and throws.

Krav Maga is the best I can think of as a single art. Keysi Fighting Method looks really good too. But, all martial arts are a discipline of a group of techniques and a way of movement. How to use them in a fight is up to you. Instructors try to give real life applications, but the the thing is, the only way to learn to use them is to study up on it yourself and to test in sparring or real fights.

Its not the art that is effective, but the fighter using it. Think of it as a pen and a paper. The pen and the paper are tools, but what you do with them, and what you write on the paper is up to you.|||The best is the one that you enjoy enough to train in for a long time. Yes, Krav is a great art that has a very realistic curriculum that is an advantage to some other arts - but if you hate it then you will suck at it - and consequently (for you) Krav will suck. The object of all arts is the same as the object of basketball - do it enough times that you don%26#039;t really think about it.

Me? I hate dribbling so I suck at it, but I%26#039;m good at a hook shot since when I was a kid all of my friends were taller than me. Does this make a hook shot better than a good dribbler? Of course not, but it does help to offset the differences in skill somewhat. Same for a particular martial art against any other art.

This metaphor is the worst one I%26#039;ve ever used!|||All martial arts can be effective. There is no best martial art. It all depends on the practitioner. Those are all good martial arts.|||Muay thai, krav maga , boxing its all good.

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