Monday, May 17, 2010

Who makes the best 9mm Self Defense Ammo and what grain bullet should I get for my .40cal for Self defense?

Also I have a Taurus pt101 will a Beretta 96fs Magazine fit the Taurus?|||I have excellent results with the new Hornady TAP ammo,. But many of the quality HP ammo from winchester, speer, federal etc all work very well. You need to try a few brands to see what your pistol likes the best as far as accuracy, reliability in feeding etc. I really like the way Federal Hydra shok works in my 1911 pistols.

Shoot safe|||Most any major manufactures premium line of Jacket hollow points will work as self defense ammunition. The best is what your handgun will shoot most accurately.

Bullet weight is usually a two road street, either fast and light or slow and heavy. I tend to take the slow and heavy route, wanting mass over velocity.|||Reliability is the most important and shot placement is next.

Shot placement is A LOT more important than bullet design or caliber.

Narrow down the choices by eliminating any load that is less than 100% reliable in YOUR gun. That means AT LEAST 100 rounds without a single malfunction of ANY kind.

Then choose the load that you can shoot most accurately in YOUR gun.

Then practice, practice, and practice some more.

When you have finished that go out and practice again!|||I am partial to federal hydra shock. Remington gold dot is good too. There are several other brands tha are excellent for self defense in both 9mm and 40.

If you buy factory self defense ammo, you shouldn%26#039;t need to worry about what grain to shoot, they will already have that taken care of for you.|||A lot of ppl will answer that Federal Hydra-Shoks are the only way to go for either caliber, but what really counts is the round you can consistently hit the bullseye with in your firearm.|||9mm +P 124 Grain Speer Gold Dot Jacketed Hollow Point loaded by Double Tap.

.40 S%26amp;W 165gr Speer Gold Dot Jacketed Hollow Point loaded by Double Tap.|||forget the 40... hordady new self defense ammo,, and try the mag and see if it works the 40 is overrated.................,,,,|||for both: the best self defence ammo is one that has a bullet and will fire every time you pull the trigger|||12 gauge with rock-salt load, hehe, ouch!

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