Friday, May 21, 2010

How much danger do you need to be in to justify killing another person in self defense?

If someone comes after you with a baseball bat, does shooting him with a gun equate to murder? How about attempted rape? How about a drunk swinging a bottle at you?|||As I understand it, you can use equal force to defend yourself. This does not mean if someone comes at you with a knife, you cannot use a gun. Someone attacking you with a knife is using deadly force, and you are allowed to use deadly force to defend yourself. But, another issue is can you easily subdue that person without using deadly force. The drunk swinging the bottle at you is a good example. Sure, it can kill you, and could be considered deadly force, but can you avoid his attacks easily and disarm him?|||The question isn%26#039;t how much danger. The question is how much lawyer you can afford.

Also remember that there is self-defense, then there is going overboard. Once you subdue the person, if you keep attacking or don%26#039;t seek them help, you are responsible for the injury or death of that person.|||It changes from state to state.|||It varies state to state. Mississippi just changed their laws to allow self defense as a justification. Previously, you had to prove that there was no way that you could have retreated before fighting back, now you can defend yourself, others, and your property. Most of the time you only have to prove that you %26quot;felt threatened%26quot; not that you were actually in danger.|||generally if you feel that your in %26quot;clear and immediate%26quot; danger (i.e. someone pointing a gun at you) then you have a right to defend your self. If you kill the attacker after he has been subdued or incapacitated then that is murder II (i think) . however if you kill him while defending your self or another person that is in clear and immediate danger you were in the right and there is no legal course of action. hope that helps|||Some states do have a duty to retreat. Otherwise, you have to be in fear for your life. If you are a 5%26#039; 1%26quot; 105 lb 15 yr old girl, that standard is different then if you are a 6%26#039; 3%26quot;, 250 former Army Ranger. But if you are genuinely in fear for your life (and if a reasonable person in the same situation would be too) then you can claim self defense.|||If I asked someone %26quot;does my bum look big in this%26quot; and they said yes....surely thats good enough reason.|||diar.

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