Monday, May 17, 2010

Legal to carry long knife for self defense?

Some carry pepper spray, others a pocket knife. Owning Firearms is a constitutional right (in the US). Is it legal to carry a hunting knife for self-defense? Concealed? In plain sight? In the US? Does it vary by state (how about Washington)?...... |||Depends entirely on what state you live and sometimes what city. Arizona allows you to carry any legally owned weapon, NYC prohibits carrying any type of knife, openly or concealed. In some areas of NY the NYPD stops and frisks people at random to look for knives, even the small swiss army knive that go on your key ring can result in an arrest there.|||The state of Washington has a law restricting the method on which a knife opens. Washington is one of many states that restrict knives that open by spring or gravity such as Benchmade%26#039;s Law Enforcement models and switchblades.

Also regarding the answer given about Dirks and push knives. WA as well as most states prohibit dirks and push knives. But then again, just like auto openers they were becoming increasingly involved in violent crime so a law was developed to restrict them.

Washington, however does not restrict the length of the blade and I could find nothing restricting the type of carry (concealed or not).

That being said all states prohibit the carrying of any type of weapon with the intent to commit a crime.

And regarding the desire to carry a monster of a hunting knife I have a suggestion. The blade you choose needs to fit into your life, A hunting knife might fit into the life a person who resides in a remote location more than a person who lives in a city. Do not discredit the value of a good quality - easy opening tactical pocket knife such as the non LE Benchmades, Spyderco, or even a Gerber. I carry the same Gerber folder in Iraq and in civilian clothes in the states - completely legal and effective in both locations.|||

the laws vary (greatly) state-to-state.

a good pocketknife is an excellent defensive tool, and less suspicious than an ontario RAT-7 on your hip.|||As Otis said:

Looks to be illegal...see the link.|||I think the legal limit is 4%26quot;

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