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What is a good martial art to start for self defense?

I am middle aged and would like to succeed in a sport that is not so %26quot;jumpy%26quot;.

tx for your help.|||Japanese ju-jitsu.

I%26#039;d suggest

As it%26#039;s an all rounder and covers all areas of fighting.

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|||Actually, Judo can be a great martial art to start in your middle years if you%26#039;re looking for both sport and self defense. There are some things to watch out for when choosing a club, of course, but I have seen many, many people start Judo in their 30s, 40s, and later.

Judo (translated as the Gentle Way) is about maximum efficiency, minimum effort. The concept is to use an opponent%26#039;s momentum against him, using your own momentum to your advantage.

Judo is basically broken down into four parts: throws (nage waza), pins (osae komi waza), chokes (shime waza) and locks (kansetsu waza). Even the sport of Judo has all of these components. More importantly, Judo teaches you to be able to fall safely and incapacitate an opponent in close quarters.

To start, look for a club that has a recreational adult class. Recreational means that there is minimal, if any, focus on the tournament scene, although practitioners may enter them whenever they want. Some clubs have certain days of rec Judo, certain days competitive. I wouldn%26#039;t recommend starting off at a competitive club unless you are already in excellent physical condition.

Some of the benefits of Judo are that it toughens your body up, strengthens both your limbs and core, and substantially improves your cardio -- even at the recreational level. For self defense, being able to trip an opponent, throw them down, choke them unconscious quickly or break their arm permits a range of responses to various situations.

As a sport, Judo is a lot of fun. There are %26#039;fun%26#039; tournaments to enter, as well as Masters level competitions for older competitors. Judo fighters are grouped by weight class and by belt level, so you%26#039;re usually fighting someone around your size and of a somewhat similar experience level. This will depend on the number of clubs in your area.

Have fun!|||Aikido and Tai Chi Chuan are both excellent %26quot;soft%26quot; martial arts that are in fairly common practice, so you should be able to find a school near you. Depending on what you%26#039;re looking for, Eskrima may be another option; it isn%26#039;t what I%26#039;d call %26quot;jumpy,%26quot; but it is effective (on the downside, a large portion of it is weapon-focused). Other than that, I can only suggest browsing Wikipedia%26#039;s list of martial arts to see what looks good (if you don%26#039;t want %26quot;jumpy,%26quot; the arts with grappling focus may be a good starting point).|||Any martial art is good for self defense. For someone of your age I%26#039;d recommend Aikido (very soft for you and not very hard on your opponent), Hapkido (soft for you, painful on your opponent), or Japanese Jujitsu (moderate on you, very painful and possibly deadly for your opponent).|||Karate|||I recommend Aikido.|||Krav Maga|||BJJ|||Sports and Self Defense Systems are VERY, VERY DIFFERANT!聽 For Sports because of its strong American and International Infra structure Tae Kwon Do It is very well systemized and organized to provide the most opportunity to compete and advance it is even in the Olympics.


D.M.A.S. Dragon Martial Arts System This is a superb International FIGHTING SYSTEM Designed to save your Life in the modern World

If not available TRY

M.M.A. for the fastest way to actually Defend yourself usually 6 months at a GOOD SCHOOL! (Remember Depends on what you are looking for)

Ju Jitsu or Judo if you want to take it to the ground.

American Boxing combined with Tae Kwon Do is a fast and very reliable way to become a great Fighter.

As for one System well it takes a SYSTEM like AMERICAN

M.M.A. to be a great Fighter fast

D.M.A.S. is similar to the M.M.A.. System with everything in that is not allowed in the Ring. That does change the Fighting DRASTICALLY.

Sports Karate is nothing to real Self Defense Karate

Sports M.M.A. is nothing to REAL M.M.A.


Founded and developed by

GRAND MASTER 10TH Degree Black Belt (Undefeated in 37 Self Defense Situations)

William T. VonPloennies (He holds many Black Belts and titles)

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