Monday, May 17, 2010

How did the war in Iraq turn from self defense to an investment?

I thought we went to war to defend ourselves. I watched the media briefing in Washington and the people in charge of the war in Iraq kept talking about our investment there.|||It%26#039;s been an investment from the start. Look how many jobs it has created for foreign companies to do work %26quot;rebuilding%26quot; the country.

I found it strange that the US government awarded contracts to construction companies (US) to rebuild bridges etc, even before the invasion began!

Don%26#039;t get me wrong, Sadam needed to go, but Bush only got involved because of oil and to show Iran his military might.

If he was such a caring person and concerned about %26quot;everyone%26quot;, what happened with Africa? Surprised Zimbabwe wasn%26#039;t on his list. Oh, yeah, sorry, no oil!|||The defensive action is an investment. It%26#039;s not as if there were one or two bad guys we have to defend ourselves from, and then it%26#039;s over. There is an ongoing threat which has to be met with a regular defensive system.|||It was an investment from the beginning.|||Its not an investment but a dead investment which wont give any positive returns...

Hope US comes out of IRAQ before all people die there.|||With companies like Haliburton and The Carlyle Group (security) getting massive contracts, I%26#039;d say it%26#039;s quite the investment with enormous financial returns.

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