Saturday, May 15, 2010

Women should never kick a guy where it hurts the most, even in self defense?

It%26#039;s extremely painful to a guy, and is difficult to cope with !

It%26#039;s a severe blow to his ego, and can lead to loss of self esteem and depression !

It%26#039;s vicious, humiliating, and unfair since females can%26#039;t experience the excruciating agony it causes !

It can lead to infertility !

Women should be taught to kick to the shins and knees of an attacker since this is just as effective !|||When it comes to self defense, anything should!|||to kick shins and knees would require a bit of practice to be effective.. To kick where it hurts most, i believe, requires less practice.. Who would think a woman would be attacked? I mean, hey, if someone were to shoot you right here, right now, and you had a gun, wouldn%26#039;t you shoot first? If someone threatened to put a knife on the neck of a loved one, and you sneaked up on the assailant, wouldn%26#039;t you hit the assailant with full force to ensure that even if he is a macho guy, he would fall asleep with the impact of what you hit the guy with?

With regards to your argument that females can%26#039;t experience the same pain, let%26#039;s face it, men are physiologically more capable of attacking women. It%26#039;s only somewhat fair that men should have a weakness like that.

If somebody breached the house of someone else, he or she should not expect to be treated nicely, so if he or she gets shot, or stabbed, or maimed, or killed, well, that is the consequence of attacking someone in the first place.

If i were to take your side of the argument on the matter, then i would also say that if a terrorist was to detonate a nuclear bomb, then a woman should never kick where it hurts most to stop the detonation. Because we need to take care of the ego, and the life, and the fertility of the terrorist. We should all be martyrs and strive to kick shins, even though we know that kicking shins is never enough to bring down an attacker. I mean, let%26#039;s face it, even if you do get kicked there, i%26#039;m telling you, some guys can recover (i.e. mad killers and rapists). I think this is very unwise. Shins take precision, and can get the woman hurt in the process if she does it wrong. Kicking down there, i believe, is the surest way to put a stop to those whose minds are small enough to attack anyone. Survival first before ego.

%26quot;you asked for it%26quot; *whump*|||You speak from your point of view. Which is valid for you.

But,I was once mugged and as a result beaten badly, and the attacker was very intent on making me a rape victim. I had tried kicking, biting, gouging my thumbs in his eyes, ripping any facial orifice on him with my thumbs. The sole reason I was able to get him on the ground in extreme pain,

so I could run away bloody and with several bones broken,

was because I nailed the guy where it hurts the most.

I have no regrets. And if the situation ever occured again, I would not hesitate to kick him where it hurts/and counts.

I hope no woman who%26#039;s attacked

is never ashamed or scared to nail a guy where it hurts

if nothing else works to get him off her.|||Attacking someone in the first place is vicious and unfair. If someone is attacking me, I don%26#039;t CARE if it humiliates him or hurts his ego. He was trying to HURT me. Is it unfair? No.

Ever been punched in the breasts? Ever given birth to a child? Those two things are just as full of agony as a kick to the groin.

Know what%26#039;s more painful than a kick to the groin? Know what causes thousands of women to commit suicide, to be depressed, to never trust a man again? Being raped. Being assaulted. Being beaten half to death.|||well...we have the nipple twist-

%26#039;if you want to talk about excruciating agony, try giving birth%26#039;

- okay now this is just a spastic statement-

if YOU want to feel excruciating pain, try having a kidney stone the size of a golfball coming out of your shaft!

anyway, if the girl is being attacked, im all for her kicking them in the balls - i don%26#039;t think they%26#039;re gonna sit back and consider what the effects are of hitting a rapist in the balls while he%26#039;s undresses her.

now..if they%26#039;re doing it just for fun (and based on your question i have a suspicion that they%26#039;re doing it ALOT), well...then use the nipple twist like i said (or save up and replace your sac with silicone balls)|||What if a woman is being raped?

Its a severe blow to her ego

It can lead to loss of self esteem and depression

Its vicious humilating and unfair since males are stronger than females and men can%26#039;t expirence the excruciating mental and psycial agony it causes

You should be taught right from wrong

So perhaps your thought pattern could be more effective|||What the hell kind of post is this? If a woman is being attacked, she should kick the s hit out of the guys balls, gouge his eyes out with her finger nails and anything else she can do.

The woman should feel bad for the sick rapist because kicking his balls hurts or may leave him infertile???? Or that he may be depressed and have low self esteem?????|||I respectfully disagree.

I was taught to feign compliance with an assailant, and when his guard is down you bang your knee up hard into his groin, smashing against his balls.

This allows you the opportunity to escape since he%26#039;ll be doubled over in pain, and may even fall to the ground.|||%26quot;women should never a kick a guy where it hurts the most, EXCEPT in self defense%26quot;

fixed. if you want to talk about excruciating agony, try giving birth. until then, i will feel free to kick a guy who is attempting to harm me where ever i can reach.|||You missed the boat on this. Why should a woman concern herself about that when she is being attacked ? I say to all women...kick where it hurts most.|||If a woman deals more damage to a man in self-defense, she fails to be the victim.|||If a guy is horrible enough to attack a woman then he deserves it!|||er, every point you raise is why they DO it!

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