Friday, May 21, 2010

What are the laws in the state of Washington on self-defense against intruders?

Can you kill someone if they break in or do you have to have probable cause?|||Sort of. If someone breaks in to your home, you have the right to do whatever you feel you need to protect yourself. This means you can unload your gun on them. But it has to be logically self defense. This means if you shoot them, you can%26#039;t walk up to them and shoot them again. In other words, you only intent can be protection.|||You can not kill someone for stealing from you.

The constitution says you have the right to bear arm and you have the right to protect your property and person but killing them is not part of that.

You will go to jail then trial and maybe prison.

It is legal to kill a person if they are IN THE PROCESS of attacking you.

you can not get beat up and then as they are walking away kill them.

The law see%26#039;s that as revenge not self preservation.

Once it is over you have to rely on police to take over.

Like I tell my son ( teenager who thinks he is right and tough) that self defense only means defense not payback, not win the fight.

So if you are walking down the road and someone hits you you can only do what is necessary to make them stop, no more. This applies to your home as well.

So if they break in and are beating you and you reach for your nightstand pull out your gun and shoot them then you will have a better chance at trial but be prepared to still spend the night (at least ) in jail.

The state says for you to follow the law but expects something different from you and any chance that the government has at making money by imprisoning you they will! lot%26#039;s of money in the prison business and they are now even talking about making prison a private thing, like if you have the money you can buy the land , build a prison and make some money. Just like a 7-11 franchise!

|||u can%26#039;t just kill them.

if osmeone breaks in, u can fight back but say the guy comes with a bat but u have aq shotgun, yeah u better just tell him to run away.

if he comes in with a gun, i bet u can shoot on sight. ur not entitled to give a robber a chance to hurt u.

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