Monday, May 17, 2010

Can someone explain to me the reasoning behind restraint in self defense when the attacker is female?

I read this other question on a related matter, and I just have to know, why, even in a self defense scenario, do people have this stigma attached to hitting women? Society seems to have no problem with a man beating the hell out of another man in self defense, but when it%26#039;s a woman, it%26#039;s somehow different. Can anyone shed some light as to why this is?|||Probably after all this time, despite the numenr of women in jail for violent crimes, and positively the number of women in the military and in police jobs and stuff like that, they think it is somehow unfair to hit a woman, even though a woman can do as much damage as a man in many if not most cases. Sorry, a woman with a gun, chainsaw, knife, etc. can be pretty dangerous IMHO. Hell, some women are even bigger and stronger than some men.

Prety good question about society and roles, I%26#039;m sure someone%26#039;s done a PhD on this somewhere. Google up women%26#039;s studies for a start.|||Because feminists apparently don%26#039;t believe that men have a right to protect themselves (they think only women should have that right) and they don%26#039;t believe that women should be responsible for their actions when they attack a man. Basically they are being sexist.

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