Friday, May 21, 2010

What is the point of buying an Assualt Rifle for Self Defense?

OK, you shoot a criminal or bad guy attempting to rob your house. It goes to a jury. Most of the people on the jury don%26#039;t own a gun. They see this machine gun looking thing and they look at you and think you are a nut. Aren%26#039;t you better off in front of a jury with a double barrel shotgun or .30-30 with a wood stock? Something that looks normal? And are you REALLY likely to have to shoot a whole bunch of people?|||My %26quot;assault rifle%26quot; is in my closet. If I need to shoot someone that is breaking into my house then I have been put in fear of my life or my family%26#039;s life. I am more likely to shot the bad guy with a handgun from my nightstand. However, if I do wind up killing a burglar it doesn%26#039;t matter if I do it with my Mini-14, my Glock, my shot gun, beat him to death with a can of Campbell%26#039;s soup, or stab him with my Kay Bar. If I have hit the level of lethal force then dead is dead.

I would hope my lawyer would get some gun owning fathers on the jury anyway.............all I need is one person on the jury to visualize the need to defend your family.

It%26#039;s not like the Prosecutor is going to argue that the deceased piece of trash was minding his own business, breaking into my house, trying to support his crack habit, when I just up and ventilated him. Most DA%26#039;s wouldn%26#039;t prosecute you for defending your family..........if your DA would then you need to move.|||The constitution states %26#039;The people have the right to keep and bare arms in defense of your life and your property and in defense of the constitution of the united states .

Any questions Whats the problem It%26#039;s the law according to our fore fathers our government|||Shotgun is better than an assault rifle.|||What would you want with an assault rifle anyway?I can tell you have never been in war.I have. leave it alone.|||It%26#039;s about INTIMIDATION! You may not even have to fire a round!|||You CAN kill a person in self defense with a MACHINE GUN, or ASSAULT WEAPON....or Assault Rifle

(if you dont know the difference, just dont even say anything!)

There is a thing called Castle Doctrine...which depending on which state you live in also.

Like in Tennessee, Texas and Florida....and Colorado i believe.

The law STATES, its PERFECTLY LEGAL to SHOOT FIRST....if someone slightly threatens your life or even steps foot on your property.

Its generally called a %26quot;shoot first, ask questions later%26quot; law.

So if someone breaks into your house, you come running out with a AK-47, and light them up with bullet holes, you ARE protected regardless.......since the guy was on YOUR property, and broke into YOUR house.

It DOESNT matter what you shot them with usually.

If you got castle doctrine and Shoot First law....your okay.

Now it%26#039;d be a DIFFERENT story if you lived in Maryland, New Jersey, Illinios, California, Wisconsin, DC, New York City....etc.....

I keep an AK-47 ready in my house...and also keep a Glock23 near my bed.

Because you NEVER KNOW if I may have a Gang with 5-12 guys break in my house.

I just grab my Glock, protect myself till I can get to my ak-47, then grab my Rifle and pin myself in the corner of a room and be ready to send 30+ rounds of Lead their way.


Also what if some of the members of the gang HAVE assault weapons or machine guns themselves!

I CANNOT be expected to protect myself with a pistol!

(unless I was trained ALOT, or been in shoot-outs.)

You HAVE to even up the scores.

Although 90% of bad guys WILL run when you open fire, or merely cock a weapon or Point it at them.

But there ARE people out there that ARENT afraid to engage in a firefight....and shooting at them may actually amp them up more!

(so why not be ready and have an AK-47 or AR.)

Id personally pick an AK-47, simply because of the distinctive CHATTER noise it has, people WILL run when they hear it....its a distinctive scary me.

You%26#039;ll have to clean up the brown stains off the floor AND the blood....|||dude,it all depends on the state of your residence.if you are in california or n.y- you are fkd.most states have laws that protect the victim not the perp.|||That%26#039;s not what you make the decision on. You%26#039;re more likely to be sued or charged for shooting the people in the next room or across the street because you used something with far too much penetration than was appropriate in the situation.|||You can%26#039;t have an assault riffle for self defense. A double barrel shotgun is different, but automatic weapons are illegal and using them in self defense just wouldn%26#039;t really fly in court.|||I prefer a handgun for self defense as they are more manueverable in a home. I%26#039;ve owned an ar-15 for 20some years and never shot anybody with it. I use mine for %26#039;plinking%26#039; and varmits.|||OK lets play devils advocate. The gun people believe that they have a constitutional right to bear arms. They do not tolerate any infringement on that right.|||You never know if a group of angry terrorists are going to try to suicide bomb your house. Better to be safe than sorry!|||Look at it this way:

If they rob you with a knife, you have a pistol.

If they rob you with a pistol, you have a shotgun.

If they rob you with a shotgun, you have an uzi.

If they rob you with an uzi, you have an assault rifle.

If they rob you with an assault rifle, you have a rocket launcher, nuke, grenade etc, etc.

Some people think they need to be a few steps ahead of the bad guys.|||My opinion: A rifle is not as good for self defense as a hand gun. A hand gun is easier to use in tight quarters.

You are making two assumptions: 1- most of the people on the jury don%26#039;t own a gun. 2-they see you as a nut with a machine gun.

The problem with using a high powered firearm for self defense is that all of your missed shots will go downrange and you%26#039;ll be negligently held responsible for any stray shots that injure or kill innocent people.

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