Friday, May 21, 2010

What are current laws pertaining to the use of stun guns or tasers for self defense?

If the laws vary from state to state, please let me know. Thanks!|||In all states you can only use force equal to and not greater than the force being used on you. That being said if you have some one walk up to you without a weapon and they say,%26quot;Give me all your money!%26quot; That doesn%26#039;t give you a right to shoot and kill them. You can use non lethal force to stop an assailant from hurting you or robbing you. We as officers would much rather do the report on you zapping some one as apposed to killing them for robbing you. You are better off use the nonlethal force you speak of.|||Laws do vary from State to State. New Jersey has banned the use of the Taser. Most States allow the use of the devices, since they are a non-lethal self defense tool. Some counties and cities have restricted the use of the devices or banned them outright.

The use of a stun gun or Taser to assault someone will qualify you for an Aggravated Assault charge in most states.|||In most states you can take reasonable action to defend yourself. Generally this means you aren%26#039;t supposed to use more force that a reasonable person would say was necessary to defend yourself.|||The laws do vary from state to state. Michigan allows police officers and others such as probation officers, corrections officers etc. (See actual statute). Citizens in this state can not legally carry them.

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