Monday, May 17, 2010

What's this move called in self defense?

When you%26#039;re walking, then someone from behind you grabs your shoulder, then you grab their wrist and flip them over in front of you. In martial arts self defense what%26#039;s that move called?|||seou nage or close to it

but youll find it in judo|||The Techniques fall under Kotae Gueishi ( Various Wrist Throws ) Notice: Not Kotae Geisha

Eamples are:

1. Te Guruma = Hand Whell

2. Kiri Otoshi = Cutting Drop ( knee )

3. Shinto Nage = Spinning Cutting Drop or walking throw the bridge

You can google these but you%26#039;ll find that they are non-exsistent on any search. You%26#039;ll find Iaido and judo stuff because jujitsu is waaay too secretive about it%26#039;s techniques for some odd reason. Hence every one believes that jujitsu has no atemi what so ever. Also why you got soooo many judo answers in here which are all wrong by the way.

These are Jujitsu techniques that judo may have adapted to over the years, but they are founded by Jujitsu strictly. Aiki-Jutsu to be specific and Aikido practitioners know these very well as well thanks to jujitsu and jujitsu%26#039;s founding fathers during the the times of Feudal Japan.

You%26#039;ll have to go to a traditional Japanese jujitsu dojo to learn these techniques properly. Thank God my art%26#039;s sensei%26#039;s are sooo protective over the techniques of actual jujitsu. Makes me happy that people can only find some judo videos not even close to the actual techniques while searching this stuff down on some search engine.||| I know what you mean but it%26#039;s either from Aikido or Jujutsu.

The way you described it could of been two different Throws, so

give more detail what the Throw looks like eg. Does you Throw him

over your shoulder using the opponents wrist or do you grab the

wrist and move under his armpit to execute the Throw.

Give more deatial of the throw

|||Brazillian Jiu Jitsu?|||Judo for realz. I don%26#039;t know the name.

Check aikido stuff out as well. |||imma go with wrist throw|||sounds like a Judo throw

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