Monday, May 17, 2010

What would be your pick for a self defense revolver?

I%26#039;m looking for something in the medium frame variety like the Taurus models 44 or 66. Those are my picks right now, but i%26#039;m open to suggestions.|||super judge revolver.

.45 colt or .410 2.75 or 3%26quot; shells.

at self defense ranged with #3 buckshot fro ma 3%26quot; magnum shell, that would be extremely deadly effective.|||I like the compact .45 Kimber.|||I use my XDM 9 but i would rather flash my 460 S%26amp;W . Makes me feel like CLINT or DIRTY HARRY|||I use whatever I have close at hand. I always keep at least a .38 near. Sometimes a .357 or 9mm. Once in a while a 1911 .45 APC.

A .357 in 4%26quot; is an excellent all around piece. Good for target, good for defense. A little heavy for CC by some standards, but no one can argue it%26#039;s effectiveness and reliability. Some like a 6%26quot; bbl but I have found it a bit long and clumsy for GP use. A 4%26quot; will fit nicely on the headboard or in the glove box.|||I would buy any revolver in .357 magnum for self defense, and you can also put .38 special rounds whenever you just want to target practice. .357 magnum it%26#039;s is a great manstopper.|||A hammer less .38 special revolver less chance of something going wrong for the ammount of kick .38 has about the best BAT ballistic action tramma, knock down power especially with hollow points or even wad cutters.They make a deringer that shoots a .45 or a .410 shell 2 3/4 inch for the size this would be a bad lil tool with that many pellets comming out in one shot that would not kill but definately discourage anyone. I sure would not want to shoot a .45 in a derringer and I am half crazy.Any type of magnum is kinda big so maybe not the best.|||colt python 357 or a Taurus 8 shot 357|||2 inch Colt Python would be my choice for a revolver.|||In the home S%26amp;W 686 or Ruger GP-100 both in .357 magnum with a 4 inch barrel.

For a carry gun. I still like my S%26amp;W 686, but at 41ozs it can get heavy fast. My brother has a Ruger SP-101 in .357magnum with a 2 1/4%26quot; barrel. It weighs in at 25oz unloaded. S%26amp;W makes great firearms also.|||snub nose 45 cal

my grandpy carried a snub nose 38 cal on his post office route but that was fity plus yrs ago|||357 S%26amp;W snub nose or 45 auto compact version.|||This article could probably be helpful to you.|||A revolver isn%26#039;t ideal for self defense purposes due to the profile.....too hard to conceal and deploy. The gun in a hard to reach holster (or worse, left at home) because you can%26#039;t comfortably carry it, is like no gun at all.

What you want is this, for various reasons:

9mm hollowpoints are the rounds you want in a pistol that has a full length barrel with an easily concealable profile.

Now, for home defense, where concealability isn%26#039;t an issue, you can do marginally better with either a .357 magnum revolver or a .40 Glock model 23. 9mm hollowpoints have about a 90% chance of putting down an attacker and making them not able to continue their aggression due to neurogenic shock. .357 magnum or .40 hollowpoints have about a 96% chance......but the trade off is these large handguns are hard to carry concealed and even harder to deploy when you really need them.

I make it sound like weapon caliber is a big issue but it really isn%26#039;t. What%26#039;s important is that the gun have a full length barrel (ie it%26#039;s not a pocket pistol) and that you use hollow points. Anything 9mm and larger will have between a 90% and 96% chance of putting down the target. A .380 has about an 80% chance. Smaller than that or a pocket pistol and we are talking 50% and below...unacceptable. So really, what you should do is go to the gun store and try the feel of various weapons. Also, talk to the gun store owner about the issues of carry and deployment. The weapon you want is the one that has a full barrel, a reasonable caliber, can easily chamber hollowpoints (warning....not all guns can so be sure to ask) and can be easily carried and deployed. Not fumbled with and definitely not left at home because it%26#039;s cumbersome.

The Boberg is what I feel meets these criteria the best of any handgun currently out there. It has a pocket pistol profile, yet it has a full length barrel due to an innovation in its design. The smooth lines of a semi-automatic (ie its unlikely to catch on clothing when you draw a revolver will). And it%26#039;s designed to feed hollowpoints effectively. It even has a relatively high capacity magazine for such a small handgun.

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