Friday, May 21, 2010

How effective squeezing someone's testicles in self defense?

My guy friend and I were talking about it, and he said it would be hard to get your hands there because guys respond faster when that area is being threatened. He also said squeezing a little would just make the guy mad, but if you squeezed as hard as you could, the pain would disable him. Is he right?|||If he was naked or in his underwear then it would work a treat,but whilst wearing chinos,denims etc, then a punch or ridge hand strike would do the trick.

Best wishes :)***|||Q. How effective is squeezing someone%26#039;s testicles in self defense?

A. If you get a hold of them it easy to destroy a man even if you are very weak and he is very strong. It will be impossible for him to breath or talk and he will be paralyzed in pain. Eventually, he will lose unconsciousness in about ten seconds. Death sometimes results from the shock.

Most movie depictions actually understate the devastation of this type of attack.

Of course the caveat follows that clothing could get in the way. In that case a slap to the testicles will disable a guy for a minimum of a few seconds even if you barely make contact. A few seconds is a life time in fighting and you could finish with a testicle squeeze or eye gouge.

Of course, most strong and fast attackers will not give you the opportunity to do this or rape defense would be a simple matter. However it is good to know just in case you get the chance.

On a side note, what is special about this knowledge besides self defense in the intimacy involved between a husband and wife. A husband who is the protector of his wife gives himself in complete vulnerability to his wife when they make love. A wife holding her husbands testicles must be as gentle as a mother holding a baby.

|||Not very good. It can be hard to get a good grip- guys are evolved to protect soft spots like that, and that one is easy to defend with your legs. Not only that, but it puts the rest of you in a very bad position. And, like your friend said, it would generally just make him mad. If you did manage to apply enough force, which would be easier with a strike, you could disable him, but applying it with a squeeze would be much slower than you would like.|||Even if you tear them clean off, the pain may not register for several seconds. He can do a lot of damage, possibly even kill you, before he passes out or bleeds out.

This is not a show-stopper. To be effective at all it has to be the first of several well placed things delivered with prejudice.

If he is on certain types of drugs, he may not feel anything at all.|||It is very effective, but like your friend said it may be hard to perform. As a guy especially one that has some training. We are protective of that area.

But when i first began training i was told this is called monkey grabbing the peaches....LOL We used this to escape a bear hug from behind and the full nelson. A nice hard smack to the groins, grab squeeze, trist and try to rip the off.... Ouch!|||well first off, getting to the testicles effectively would be difficult if the aggressor is wearing jeans or a comparable material. also, after grasping the testicles, even if you did squeeze, the full effect can take anywhere from 10 seconds to several minutes to experience. so it could possibly work, but not on an extremely determined opponent |||Everything is possible but nothing is as easy as it seems. When you reach down there, you will expose your whole side for a counter strike. You better off fake a strike down there and he will bring his hand down to protect his valuables then you strike his unprotected face.|||If you can find the time to do all of that while he%26#039;s striking you and trying to escape then go for it. It may be hard to get a good grip through jeans and other tough clothing. A quick smack or upward palm strike would be a better idea then grabbing.|||You squeeze and twist. And it is very affective. A sharp kick will make them dangerous in tell the adrenaline subsides. I found the answer to this question the hard way in high school.|||Let me tell you something, they will let go of any strangle holds they have on you at the time faster than you can say yeah!|||i say that its pretty affective but i also think it looks kinda gay,but a kick on the other hand is both affective and doesnt look sexual|||Well im a guy and i can just imagine if someone squeezed my balls and I%26#039;m certain they will get off of you|||if used in the %26quot;monkey steals peach%26quot; fashion, this technique can be deadly. squeeze away.|||if my nuts got cranked i would feel it straight away i am most certain of this. Be bold! Test this on your %26#039;guy friend%26#039;|||it would work

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