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What is the best self-defense style for a lady?

I went to Tae Kwon Do classes for 2 years. I made brown belt. Last weekend we were playing around like being attacked from behind by my brother. 3 of us from that class could not get my brother off and we were just playing. If that were real life all I could do is kick and scream my head off.|||First off, kicking and screaming when attacked from behind is a good stratedgy if you do nothing else.

I am recommending that you talk to your TKD instructor about this situation. He can demonstrate and have you and your friends practice self-defense moves that would most likely come from the Judo branch. Most TKD instructors that I know are versed in self-defense, but the classes are not geared toward this aspect. Current UFC middle-weight champion, Anderson Silva lists TKD as the martial art where he started so it is an effective base. So, don%26#039;t lose hope in the school where you have already invested 2 years.

However, if your teacher does not respond to your concerns, consider taking a self-defense class. They usually only run about 6 weeks and teach the basics of how to get someone off of you so you can get away.

I am biased toward Judo as that is where I started. But, if the first two suggestions fail, then look for a Judo class in your area. You will be flipping your brother off your back in a few weeks. I have also taught these basic techniques to my mother, sister, wife, and daughter, so I have a lot of faith in Judo and self-defense. Thank your brother for looking out for your best interest.

Added note- Ask your local law enforcement about carrying a weapon. They will advise against this because in most cases a weapon can be turned on you by the attacker. But, much better to ask your local police and not take my word or that of someone on YA without verification.|||Hi, I don%26#039;t know the best self-defense style or anything good of that matter but I did learn that if you pinch someone hard under the arm close to the arm pit it really HURTS! try it yourself you%26#039;ll see and hopefully they%26#039;ll let go of you and you can escape. ..|||JUDO JUDO JUDO JUDO JUDO JUDO JUDO







That answer your question?|||SO MANY SILLY ANSWERS OUT THERE!!!

TKD is 60%-70% Kicking art full of fancy and flashy techniques, but not the most effective %26quot;fighting art%26quot;. Sorry if this offends any TKD practitioners, but let%26#039;s be honest, you don%26#039;t see any high ranking TKD practitioners winning any competitions that aren%26#039;t specifically designed around TKD style, rules and point fighting.

If you genuinely want a true %26quot;self defense%26quot; art then you need to look at what has actually worked over the generations. Particularly as a woman where strength against a male attacker is of concern cuz that%26#039;s the real world right?

Arts like Krav Maga, Aikido and Wing Chun. These 3 arts are at the top of my list because their foundation does not rely on strength as many other arts do. Wing Chun for example was actually created by a woman that wanted an art that was effective regardless of strength or size. I know a 4th degree Aikido stylist woman that is incredibly effective in her art and is gentle as can be at the same time.

So look for effectiveness and %26quot;reality%26quot; in martial arts.

I hope this was helpful.|||just kick the predator in the;ll be fine|||Anyone who tells you to kick him in the groin does not have the foggiest idea about women%26#039;s self-defense. No self-respecting self-defense instructor would tell a woman to go for his jewels, because it is an easily defensible spot, and men spend their entire lives practicing how to defend it.

There are classes that are specifically devoted to female self-defense. Police officers often offer it as a side deal. However, if you are looking for a proper art, my recommendation is Wing Chun. Wing Chun is the only martial art known that was invented by a woman, for women. In the words of that old deodorant commercial: %26quot;Strong enough for a man, but made for a woman%26quot;.

Wing Chun is different from the other arts in that emphasis is placed less so on brute force, and more on intelligent striking. It does not emphasis speed, nor strength. It emphasises subtley of motion, to use an opponents speed and strenght against him. Masters of Wing Chun are virtually untouchable, and practical. A Wing Chun practitioner would have told you how to target specific points on his head or body to cause injury, which is something that TKD, whose primary focus is on competitive striking, does not focus on.

With Wing Chun there are variations of degrees of damage, so you are taught techniques that are designed to inflict minimal injury, techniques that maim, and techniques that kill. While wrestling with someone (an environment that striking arts such as TKD wouldn%26#039;t prepare you for), such as your brother, you would know how to cause him pain without injuring him, while against an attacker you would use more deadly attacks to cause him to back off. This is why Kung Fu traditionally does poorly in competitions, because competitions forbid attacks that maim and kill. You can%26#039;t use an eye rake in competitions, but you would practice eye rakes because if it is someone trying to rape you, you have no reason not to go all out.|||Consider yourself priveliged that you learned this shortcoming at the hands of your brother just messing with you and not a rapist or a murderer.

Self defense is not about mixing it up with the bad guys, kicking azzes, or whatever other line of Bruce Lee Jackie Chan bull **** some snake oil salesman instructor told you. It%26#039;s about getting yourself out of a bad situation quickly and safely. Not to sound like a typical Male Chauvanist Pig but pound for pound your average girl is not going to realistically be able to scrap it out with a 6%26#039;2 300 pound thug.

In your case doing something quick like using pepper spray and then calling the police once you%26#039;ve gotten somewhere safer is the best solution. A good self defense program should teach not only tactics for use in a fight but also techniques to try and de-escalate or avoid altogether a situation.|||go with Aikido|||a good swift kick in the B***S a lady can use against a man in self defense, it works everytime. Try it sometime.|||Stay out of the ghetto and you won%26#039;t need your fancy self defense styles that would get you nowhere in a real fight..|||Best defense for a woman is being alert of your surrounding , never go alone and run and scream like hell when attack. A woman can not equal a man in strenght or speed. A man can take a woman punch, a woman can not take a man punch. Also there is the psychological aspect also, women worry to much about their look to become good fighters. Of course there are exception of women who look like men who spend 15-20 years of serious training who can fend off men but do you really want to spend 15-20 years training? or you rather buy a gun and just be alert of your surounding.|||You are not really skilled enough to defened yourself until you are at least a black belt, higher level. I suggest you finsh up your taekwondo training, earn at least a 1st or 2nd degree black belt.

After you is done with that try something else, try Krav maga or Rapido Realismo Kali.

Oh, and a word of advice. Kick him next time! Give him a front kick straight in to his balls really hard or just simply raise your knee if you is close enough.

When he goes to get up after that -- kick him again, kick him with a jump spining hook kick straight to the side of the head.|||Kick the male in the groin that will cause him to go down and he might not remember what happen. But don%26#039;t always kick the male there. because he might think of it has a game. Always use your skills when you are not in trouble.|||A 9mm will hold off anybody! Pepper spray or a taser is a good route.|||

She Is So Much More Than Beautiful

This is the style

been around and effective for thousands of years now.

I do not know any of these women , I know the art . But read what this Lady states herself;|||Two things:

1. You let your brother tackle you from behind (I assume) because he is your brother. Would you let a perfect stranger or someone in a dangerous situation get you into that position?

2. You might consider Aikido.|||DO NOT JUST ATTACK THE GROIN!!!! If that%26#039;s the only defense, you will just make them mad. Try looking into a grappling style and study with a sensei who knows what they are doing. Grappling styles, such as hapkido, teach leverage and balance techniques. Such as, keep my balance, take my enemies balance. It doesn%26#039;t matter how big or small you are. By the way, It takes at least 6 months of serious self defense training to get out of victim mode. Hope this helps.|||Look for a school that is known for teaching and working self-defense. Watch a few classes before making a decision. Or, tell your current instructor about the situation with your brother and demand that he/she teach more effective techniques. If they can%26#039;t or won%26#039;t do that then shop around. Personally, I like the multi-purpose techniques of Isshin-Ryu. In several years of security work they never let me down.|||I belong to an email group for women in martial arts. We have several different styles represented. One thing that I have noticed about TKD is that it is mostly geared to sport fighting. It isn%26#039;t necessarily geared to getting you out of a horrible situation. I choose to study Kung Fu because I needed self defense. My instructor teaches us how to give blows that will knock out an opponent as well as lethal blows. He also teaches us to use the opponents momentum against him. Kung Fu is not meant to over power an opponent with brute strength, but to be able to use your opponents strength and momentum against him.

We practice grappling as well. I have been grabbed from behind and I have successfully gotten out of it. Our instructor gives us tools so we can get out of situations, although the best thing is to not get into them in the first place.

Good luck with your search.|||A lady Smith %26amp; Wesson...

They make a great gun designed to fit into smaller hands.

Don%26#039;t fool yourself Martial Arts only gives you an edge over your opponent. In general a lady would have to be extremely good and experienced to over come even a mediocre male fighter. Again generally the woman is giving up strength and body weight. If you want self-defense get the Equalizer.

%26quot;Be afraid of no man who walks beneath the skies

As long as I am by your side I will equalize%26quot;

That poem was etched on each Colt revolver in the Old West.|||lol yea. traditional and sport martial arts such as taekwondo, karate, and kung fu take a pretty long time to be very effecient in self defence. for self defence, you would need a practical martial art like jeet kune do or krav maga|||I like Akido. I haven%26#039;t studied it yet, but I think I will start as soon as I find a dojo near me. I studied Karate for 5 years. I am confidant in my ability to defend myself because we practiced senarios like that.

You might have done better if you didn%26#039;t have to worry about hurting him. A good swift kick to the shins would loosen his grip. Then you could tuck your chin to the side and push up on his arms. Keep kicking him in the shins until you can get out. Once your out, turn around and break his knee. (in a real situation)|||A fair question.

What idiots ( i.e. answerers numbers 1 %26amp; 2) fail to realize is that not all attackers will be susceptible to such groin attacks- what if you%26#039;re attacker is a beefed-up midget (w/ a lower center of gravity), a butch lesbian, a eunuch, or a drug-up rapist? The probability of successfully debilitatng any attacker with such a kick is also low (I know I%26#039;d just catch your leg, off-balance you, break your ankle, and you%26#039;re hobbled).

Instead of leaving your physical (and mental) comfort and well-being up to chance with an attack that may work, choose a martial art that contains grappling, but also a strong stand-up game (as a girl, you don%26#039;t want to be ground fighting in a self-defense situation, especially since your rapist and or mugger may have rapist/mugger friends).

Just a thought.|||Its hard to find a place that teaches real martial arts. Try to find a legitimate class. If you want to travel you could go straight to the country of origin. Read about pressure points. If you hit in just the right place it could paralyze someone as long as you hold pressure there. My grandpa did that to my cousins when they wouldn%26#039;t behave as kids.|||Karate. The value is that it%26#039;s striking only, at a distance. Targets, from top to bottom, are eyes, ears, throat, male genitals (if attacker is male), mid-thigh and knee. A good sharp thrust or kick to any of the above will disable the attacker long enough for you to get away. As to attack from behind, if you have your ears open when you walk in dangerous areas, you will spin around before you are attacked. Then go to start of this answer.|||BJJ, BJJ, BJJ! Watch Royce Gracie fight Kimo or Akebono if you have any doubts.

For the last lime, groin attacks don%26#039;t work against a determined attacker. If he is expecting a fight, there will be to much adrenaline in his system to be debilitated. It will still hurt, but it will just make him angrier.|||jeet kun do or the grappling art (cant remember the name of it)

They both focus on hard hits and disabling your opponents, and getting out of tough situations.|||Wing Chun kung fu will be a good self defence style for a lady.

Excerpt from Wikipedia:

Wing Chun believes in using the least amount of required force in any fighting situation, describing how a small amount of force, correctly applied, can deflect powerful attack. This is achieved through balance, body structure and relaxation.|||first, you gotta understand that you are fighting an opponent with many advantages over you ie; weight, size, speed and coordination. Therefore, your only true weapon is the knowledge that your attacker will be overconfident and will not fear being hurt by you. To best defend yourself you need only a small knife [not a folder], and the guts to use it.

Conceal the knife in your hand and when you go to hit him/her they will assume you are trying to punch them and will not flinch [because they believe your weaker]. You must not fear hurting someone seriously if attacked[mercy].|||My top 5 self defense techniques:

1) Cleverness.

2) Groin Fu

3) Personal security gadgets

4) Judo

5) %26#039;Jugular bite%26#039;|||if you are not competing, plain and simple - Krav Maga, its an Israeli Martial Art used by the Israeli Defense Forces for counter terrorism, it%26#039;s main function is to teach you to escape a dangerous situation with minimal damage.

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  1. Thanks for all the recommendations. I guess, pepper spray is the best self protection device for women these days.