Monday, May 17, 2010

What are some of todays modern self defense weapons?

Despite the gun, what are some things that men train with in order to defend themselves? And please dont say Katanas and Claymores because thats just not true. I mean train to use in the street? What are conventional weapons?|||i never go anywhere without my weapon,it lives in my pants.|||The cane. With proper training can be a great weapon. It can also be carried anywhere and is legal in all fifty states.|||Knives|||My big breasts are my weapons.|||Fists/feet




Brass Knuckles

Pens/Pencils/puncture weapons


Beer bottles



Tools in general

Furniture/walls or as Bas Rutten calls it %26quot;ambiance%26quot;

Steel toed boots|||Knife, baton, cane, hand and key-chain batons, tonfa (the police baton with the handle) motorcycle chain, rolled up magazine (I was very bitter when J. Borne used this in one of those movies). I also had a friend that carried a couple of quarters with the edges sharpened. If I remember correctly he threw them like you would a throwing star. it is possible that he flicked them wit a finger snap. anyway he was pretty accurate and could make them stick in wood.|||In my experience, a sturdy Umbrella works well. If you%26#039;re at all trained in Kenjutsu, and search to find one in silimar length, it can be very effective. Outside of that, a cane is very effective, as are walking sticks. One could even go as far as getting a short staff and using it as a walking stick, in truth.

Before all that, I would worry about focus and perception. Without either or both of these, it won%26#039;t matter much which weapon you choose to carry.|||first of all i would have to say it varies area by area depending on local laws of whats legal to carry... if anything goes then here are my suggestions, second.. i think the most important thing is that you are comfortable and well trained in whatever you carry, whether it be a knife, club, and whatever... i know people who think they are badasses and carry 2 knives on them, but ended up cutting themselves trying to look cool and flashy... keep it simple, and train (whats worked for me in the past is the filipino mentality or %26quot;defanging the snake%26quot;). what constitues a good self defense weapon for me is something that could effectivly incapacitate (not kill) someone in very few strikes, something that would not be a burdon to carry (as effective a good walking stick is, if you dont want to carry one, then dont), it should be something that can deployed incredibly fast without the assailent realizing it until its too late, surprise is a great weapon in itself. again, i can not stress the point of make sure you carry should be legal where you live, if a police report is written up then you dont want to get in trouble. here are some good places to start for weapons

knives-probably the most common, small, light and very effective... but make sure you know what you are doing... you just want to disarm and incapacitete whoever is attacking you, killing him even if it was in self defense could land you in big legal issues... and its hard to knock someone unconscios wiht a knife, personally i carry my knife on me anywhere i go

kubotans-i just started carrying one of these on my a few years ago, i perfer the ones with 1 larger tapered bar and 2 smalled ones coming out of the knuckle, it will maginify the power of your strike and locks, vary small and evasy to carry... the only ad thing about it is it adds no range to your attacks. and that could be a problem against someone you plan on disarming (defanging the snake), the great thing about these though is that it can be anything, i used to use a pocket flashlight before buying a real one... but sharpies, rolls of quarters.. whatever.. improvise

asp or other extendable batons- i love these things, though they may be a burdon to carry sometimes.. if i%26#039;m going into a rough neighborhood, i feel safer with one of these at my side, it will give you much more range on your attacks (they come in lengths that extend from 16inch to 31inches) although they are quite sturdy, you have to remeber they are not made for the one hit knock outs... (this was part of the design as a result of too many %26quot;accidental%26quot; death due to officers accessive force) with one of these i would recommend first hitting the weapon hand.. then a strike to the side of the knees... but whatever works for you will still work... learn some kali or escrima to go with this

slapper, blackjaks ect- first of all these are probably not legal to carry in your area... these are ok as weapons... effective against an unarmed person... and are mainly used for head blows... i wouldnt recommend it as self deffense

canes and walking stick- are great.. a sturdy heavy stick or cane is a great weapon. .and alot of times just carrying one will ward of would be muggers... just as long as you like carrying it

pepper spray, tasers- if physical fighting isnt your thing then these can be used also in a pinch... it MIGHT stop someone... but dont listen to the companies that give them all this glory... if a hardened tough criminal wants to hurt you... these will not stop them...

bats, night stick, tonfa.. ect... these are extremly effective but i doubt you would be carrying it with you on the street, maybe leave in your trunk of car in case of emergencies

improvise... the single most important thing is to work wih what you have around you... a bottle.. rock... stick.. whatever can be used effectivly.. the main thing is not to let them take you off guard.

again.. these are my suggestions for SELF DEFENSE... if you are looking for tips on weapons that would be effective in a street fight.. then thats a whole different issue

personally i lean towards the filipino martial arts when it comes to weapon fighting... they are one of the few out there that will concentrate more on weapons training then open hand... and most of it is all practical street fighting with knife and stick.. nothing to flashy or fancy... jut bare bones being effective|||any thing can be come a weapon. poolcue, what ever you can get your hands on|||no one has mention ned it so I will the travel wrench|||it%26#039;s not modern but one of the coolest %26quot;carry around on the street%26quot; weapons i%26#039;ve ever seen used is the cane in Hapkido. Look it up on You tube... search amazing hapkido 2|||Kubatan is a short stick about six inches long and one half inch in diameter. Another is a stick a little longer and about one and a quarter inch in diameter. These are great to use to enhance locks and strikes. They are good to help fend off knife thrusts as well. We teach a whole system to our black belt Tae Kwan Do adult black belts. They can be Incorporated into many of the Tae Kwan Do self defenses as well. I personally use a mini mag light.|||the gun

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