Monday, May 17, 2010

How can i convince my GF to carry some sort of self defense?

My girlfriend refuses to carry the knife I gave her (which is within the legal limit), she says that she isn%26#039;t expecting someone at attack her and doesn%26#039;t plan to kill anyone

Knife or not i cannot get her to carry something to defend herself with, not even pepper spray

She does not carry a purse and has small pockets

She is quite a small person and is not very strong

How can i convince her to carry something to defend herself with?|||She needs to first believe that the threat is real AND that she has the ability to defend herself should she fall into a situation.

Have her read the article below.|||It is a good thing that she won%26#039;t carry the knife. I had a friend that carried a large knife in her purse. The guy that grabbed her purse, and shoved her down, (while looking in her purse), found the knife and was going to use it on her. She wasn%26#039;t hurt, but only because someone came along and scared the bad guy off.

So it can be more dangerous to provide the criminal with a weapon by carrying one on your person. She would be better off to learn self defense, where her only weapon is her hands and feet. Then she wouldn%26#039;t need to carry anything that could be used against her.

See if she will go to a self defense class, and you go with her, if that will make you feel better.|||Why do you feel that she needs to carry some kind of weapon? Do you live in New York City or somewhere else like that? If she doesn%26#039;t want to carry a weapon how about talking her into taking some sort of self-defense art like karate to tai kwon do? We, men and women alike, should be prepared to protect ourselves if we are attacked. I understand why she would not want to carry a knife or gun. But there%26#039;s absolutely no reason why she should not at least learn the basics in self defense. It could some day save her life.|||She probably doesn%26#039;t feel comfortable carrying those things. Have you talked to her about your concern? Are you being paranoid or is it dangerous where you live?

Ultimately, it is her decision, but if you feel strongly about this, she should be willing to do something.

I think they sell cute little keychains with pepperspray. You might look into buying her one as a fun little gift. You can make a joke out of it. She may appreciate that more than being %26quot;forced%26quot;.

A knife is a little extreme...

Im small, but I would never carry a knife. That%26#039;s weird.|||Beat her up.

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  1. Get her to watch the local news from a big city for a week! Then educate her on the use of pepper spray and how it does not cause permanent harm to the person sprayed and teach her how to use it so she will feel confident. People who don't want to carry self defense products usually are afraid they will mistakenly use it on someone they know.
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