Friday, May 21, 2010

What do you think if someone had no other choice in self defense and killed someone?

If thou shall not kill. And by all means someone had absolute no other choice and they had to kill someone to stop them, do you think God would forgive? Whats your feelings?|||It all depends on whether he was out looking for trouble or trying to avoid it.|||I myself questioned this when I decided to become an officer and join the Army. Unfortunately, I did not join the Army (the MOS I wanted was men only), but I did become an officer. I struggled for a while with that, as I am a devout Catholic and worried of the consequences if I had to shoot someone. I talked to a priest and he explained it to me. Basically, if it is true self defense then you had to protect yourself. If you think about, people, good people have been in war and had to kill people way before today%26#039;s times and wars. War has been happening pretty much since humans have been around. You don%26#039;t see any consequences upon them. I think it is the chance you take, but if it means my life or theirs, I will keep mine!|||Yea self defense is fine. In Leviticus it says that it is fine. God would forgive, He would forgive any murder. That doesn%26#039;t mean that the murder should go unpunished, but he would forgive it.

Self defense is not murder, nor is fighting to protect your country.

Read Leviticus, it says something about self defense being OK there.|||If you read the Bible you will find many cases of God ordering people to kill others, so the rule of not to kill is not exactly a hard and fast rule.

There are reasons to kill someone, and it is up to you and your God as to whether you are forgiven or not.

The saying is I would rather be judged by 12 rather than carried by 6 is the standard.

If it is your life or their life I am always going to choose to let them die rather than me.|||As I understand it, in translating the various writing from aramaic, to latin, to English, there is a very good chance of mis-communication. Theologians generally believe that the original text would better read as though shalt not murder. Otherwise, an accidental death would be prohibited. A killing in self-defense is not murder. You might do better by posting this in a religion section, instead of the legal section|||Is it you illusion that some one is going to kill or you are in the given situation.

If you can try to bring some help to defuse the matter- do it , and even then do not take laws in your hand. Let the legal departments do their Job.|||Depends, you can seriously injure someone before you kill one. An example would be shooting someone in the knee cap. You would immobilize that person right away and more then likely put them in the wheel chair for the rest of their life.|||Christian beleifs say that if the person asks God to forgive them for their sins, regardless of what they are, he will. Period.

personally i think if someone were trying to kill me (or my loved ones) i would kill them if that was the only way.|||Well if you don%26#039;t kill them, they are going to kill you!

So i figure someone has to die

i think god would rather a good person kill a bad person through self defense instead of a bad person kill a good person because they are bad|||If you have no choice.......kill them. I believe %26quot;thou shalt not kill%26quot; is intended for willful killing. Even God commanded wars.|||It%26#039;s self-defense. That%26#039;s not considered murder.

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