Friday, May 21, 2010

What's a good video that will help me learn good self defense?

Ok so I%26#039;m 13 and a lot of girls in my school are into fighting. So far I haven%26#039;t had trouble with them but I guess I will eventually. I am small, white and preppy and can%26#039;t punch or fight or anything. What is a good video (like on youtube or someplace) that will teach me how to defend myself if i ever get into a fight?|||You need to go to an instructor...videos are a joke...even the ones made by the leading experts...they are more for information and cant teach anyone application...only a real class will do that for you.|||All a video can do is give you an idea, chances are your more likely to hurt yourself learning from a video because it cant teach you everything an actual gym with intructors can teach you. Look at gyms n your area if you dont want to take an actual martial art of some kind lots of rec centers offer basic self denfense skills classes but whatever you decide don%26#039;t learn from a video learn from an actual trained instructor.|||That%26#039;s like a video that will teach you how to play basketball. Sorry, but you need to have someone teach you and practice to be any good at self-defense. If you%26#039;re that worried about it, sign up for martial arts or see if your YMCA or city recreation program has any self defense classes.|||Videos are no way to learn self defense, or work out or for that matter make you into a master at anything.|||All you need is go to an instructor and learn it physically.

Belief me, I tried it and works.|||Yeah, I don%26#039;t think a video would help, learning boxing on your own would be better.|||take karate.

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