Monday, May 17, 2010

How many people think Martial Arts is good for exercise and self defense?

I am interested in taking a Martial Arts class, I am 4%26#039;10 and female.|||I think that every person that practices martial art does it a.o. for these reasons|||It is but you have to be very selective of the place you learn it from. I learned the hard way that not all training centers are equal or very good for that matter. The first place I went to had a scattered, unfocused training program, a teacher that was always late, and the skills (when practiced in real life) were a joke.

You also have to consider your self defense needs. For example, kick boxing may be good for a blunt K.O. punch and run but it won%26#039;t help you in a situation where an attacker has you pinned on the ground or a weapon on you, this is where some of the more intense programs come in. You should also know that Tournament Styled Martial Arts are less likely to work in real world situations since those are more focused on a points systems rather than effectiveness.

You should also know that jumping both feet into training with little to no physical fitness background will be extremely difficult during your first few days and may make you want to stop. So if you%26#039;re seriously considering Martial Arts I strongly recommend you build up in that area just a bit so the transition will be much smoother.|||It can be poor or great for both, depending on how it%26#039;s trained. In some classes you don%26#039;t break a sweat, so that wouldn%26#039;t be great for exercise, and in others you just kick and punch the air forever, and that wouldn%26#039;t be good self-defense. But there are also classes that are a great combination of both. Try out a class or two where you live and judge for yourself what kind of class it is.|||Martial arts is excellent for exercise and self defense, but it is also extremely valuable with confidence, self control, and improving your lifestyle in general.

I%26#039;ve tried multiple styles of martial arts, but the main thing is finding the right one for you. Search around your area and ask to take a class before committing yourself to a certain style.|||I do it for exactly these reasons. Though I take two - one for self-defense and the other for exercise. There are other reasons of course - I find the self defense class to be very intellectually stimulating - but being able to burn off extra energy after work makes me a much happier person.|||I absolutly love tae-kwon-do, i%26#039;ve been doing it since i was 6 and i just can%26#039;t get enough of it. I think that my life would be totaly different if it wasn%26#039;t for tkd|||The best! Try aikido. teaches you to use your opponents strength against them. Go to you tube and type in aikido demo. don%26#039;t be afraid of the rolls and falls they will teach you all that.|||Martial Arts may or may not be good exercise! It depends on what your goals are! However, The RIGHT Martial Art can teach you to defend yourself!|||My recommend is Hapkido

Its very good sports you can defense your self with hapkido.|||haha i love martial arts. you should check out kung fu san soo. deadliest martial art out there and they train real slow and easy.|||MEeee

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