Friday, May 21, 2010

Why does an occupying power need to offer self defense as an excuse?

Does anybody actually trust and believe %26#039;God%26#039;s own chosen%26#039; cowards? Killing women and children as an excuse for occupation. Looks like Iran%26#039;s president was right.|||Just like the ridiculous notion that the Corporate media and the American people bought when President Bush said the U.S. was starting a Preemptive War against a %26quot;growing threat%26quot; (Iraq). It would be laughable except hundreds of thousands of people died.

Even though Israel first broke the Truce on November 4th by bombing Gaza, U.S. Officials and their compliant Corporate Media always frame the Middle East conflict as Israel retaliating in %26quot;self-defense.%26quot;|||Yeah I don%26#039;t see how you can defend yourself whist you are occupying another nation. it%26#039;s illogical.|||They offer such an excuse so that the media can use it to keep enough people in their spell.

And turn them against the occupied.|||Arabs are a little people, a silly people - greedy, barbarous, and cruel.

-- T.E. Lawrence|||You are so right they should set back while those savages fire rockets into their home land, Israel should wipe the Gaza clean.!~!|||LOL, how on earth does anyone other than an ignorant child think that land won in a DEFENSIVE WAR is %26quot;occupied?%26quot;|||got you a one way plane ticket to Iran. you got the guts?

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