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What kind of a class is good for self defense?

Like for fighting, and for protecting yourself. So, you%26#039;ll have confidence that you%26#039;re a good fighter ... PLEASE HELP!|||Over the past 30 years I have been learning and teaching martial arts but for the last 10 years it%26#039;s been KENPO, you should check this art out. Kenpo was designed as a street self defense system against multiple attackers, even from different angles. This is nothing like any other I have been involved with in the past, do a web search or go to and watch some of those Kenpo demo clips.

I am not kidding here Kenpo has devastating self defense techniques, truly awesome.

If there is a Kenpo school within your driving distance go watch some of the classes and even ask of a self defense demonstration. You will be impressed.

I hope this information will become useful, good luck.||| for information of when there would be a class near you.It is a self defense class specially made for women. It was first created when an award winning Martial artist woman was knocked to the ground, and held down, could not get up, and was raped. The class is amazing! I have taken it, and now an going to be taking the advanced. It not only shows you the moves, and allows you to practice them on a full padded guy, using full force blows, but they also teach you verbal skills to help you stop a fight before it starts. To take the class, you do not need to be acrobatic, or in great physical health, but it does help.|||Studying Martial Arts is about personal choice, No one here (not me, or anyone else here) can tell you which Martial Art is going to suit you best. find out what schools are available to you where you live and make your choice from there.

Any Martial Art is good, There isn%26#039;t one that will give you MORE confidence than another. and there isn%26#039;t a %26quot;best%26quot; Martial Arts discipline. They all have their own strengths and weaknesses, so not one of them will be better than another.

What matters is that you feel comfortable in the classes (and like the classes) and feel comfortable that the instructor (and the instructor%26#039;s TEACHING style and not the discipline itself) can properly teach you self defense without the %26quot;smoke and mirrors%26quot;.

Just research the schools that%26#039;re in your area and pick three schools that interest you most (check the phone book or internet search engines for websites of schools in your area)

watch a few classes at each school to really make your final decision about which school YOU liked best and then ask them about some trial classes; if you like the class then enroll in it.

that%26#039;s all you really need to do: find a school that will provide a safe, freindly, family like atmosphere for you.

again each person who studies Martial Art has to figure out for themselves what they want out of the discipline they choose, no one can tell them which discipline will work for them.

the fact is that when people ask %26quot;what%26#039;s a good Martial Art for me to learn?%26quot; or “what’s the “best” Martial Art to learn” has 2 major problems:

1st: the majority of people here that post answers will start blurting out names of disciplines that are probably not even available in your area. there%26#039;re only a handful that will tell you that will answer the way I am now.

2nd: Just because they recommend a Martial Art that they may (or worse MAY NOT) have studied and it just happened to become THEIR favorite Martial Art because they’re interested in studying it or it worked for them doesn%26#039;t mean that it%26#039;s going to work for you or that you’ll find it as interesting as they did.|||the best is ju jitsu and boxing. learn theese real well, and no one will toutch u.|||BJJ and Thai Boxing cross train in these arts|||Check with these guys! Even if you dont train there, they are very honest and up front!|||Any traditional Martial Art. What matters is to find a good instructor. It%26#039;s the artist, not the art.|||If you%26#039;re looking for a martial arts style, try kenpo...|||I agree Jiu Jitsu is probably the best style to learn with regard to protecting there a Gracie Jiu Jitsu school near you? If so, I suggest you check them out..a great family that has done amazing things for the art.|||If you go to your local gym a lot of them have defence classes specifically for women. They are very helpful and boost your self confidence. Try calling around or searching on the web for these classes near you. Good luck!|||like yupchagee said, there is no really best martial art. how good you are at the art is more important than how good the art is. also it%26#039;s about what youre most comfortable with. if you like fighting on the ground then take juijitsu. if you like striking then any martial art is good like taekwondo, karate, and kung fu.|||Martial Arts can be broke down into two categories, Hard arts and soft arts. Hard arts are anything that uses a strike or blow, and usually used in a distance of reach. (i.e. Tae Kwon Do, Karate ect. ) A soft art is a grab or move using leverage, throws, and usually used in very close contact. (i.e. Jiu jitsu) It boils down to what you would feel would most benefit your lifestyle and personality. Any of the ones named are good. But what kind of situations are you going to find yourself in, and which would benefit you. Go to several schools and check out what they offer, ask questions.

Now for my personal view. Brazilian Jiu Jitsu is amazing and if you can find someone aligned with the Gracie family, then you have a good instructor.|||If you want to learn something that is simple and easy to learn and you should be able to hold your own within about 6months - 1 year of training I would suggest muay thai (depending how much you train i would reccomend 3-4 times a week)

I would suggest this if you are a female looking to be able to defend yourself against predetors and attacks, it is brutal and you will not be messing around with locks or holds, but if it comes down to your life in a situation (which I would wish on no-one) I would being a female prefer to be able to defend myself effectivly and just get outta the situation.. the training for muay thai is good as you spar alot and learn good %26quot;real fight situations%26quot; and the conditioning is good so punches %26amp; kicks tend to not hurt so much after a while.. excellent for self defence.. (but then again where I live guns %26amp; knives aren%26#039;t usually a threat)|||You are asking for two different things. Self defense is not about fighting. The purpose of self defense is not to beat up the other person, but rather to come out of the conflict relatively uninjured. That means you learn to practice awareness and avoidance and you learn to escape. This is rather different than learning how to fight.

Most places don%26#039;t teach you both. I%26#039;ve trained in several martial arts and none of them teach about even the basics of self defense. They don%26#039;t teach you to avoid risky behavior, they don%26#039;t teach you how to take steps to protect yourself when traveling or many other points that I feel are important when you dealing with self defense.

If you want to learn to fight, that%26#039;s something different. I guess I have to ask why however. If you are interested in competition, then pick a Tae Kwon Do school with a good instructor. My only reason for picking TKD is because there tends to more TKD type matches you can attend. Find a good instructor and work hard. Live, eat, breath, and sleep it.

Good luck.|||I%26#039;m sure there are womens%26#039; self-defence courses where you live. It%26#039;s nothing complicated; just joint manipulations, artery strikes (like the femoral artery), and teaching you the pressure points on the body.|||best martial art?you are a very silly man thereis no best martial art and you are clueless.

in answer to your question my dear,the only way to learn properly is to go to classes with a structured teaching method.a womens basic self defence class may help in the mean time.i would not suggest boxing or bjj.boxing is the art of pugalism and bjj is for the octogong.bbj is ok in street defence for women who want to be raped whilst attempting to defend themselves,is this what you want to lay on the ground for your attacker?i think that unwise?dont you?i would suggest karate,judo or ju jitsu or even krav maga. which is a sloppy imatation of the 3 i mentioned combined.

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