Friday, May 21, 2010

What is the best INDOOR self defense tool for a female?

No taser, or gun, but something I can use from a distance. Obviously

no sprays of any kind.

Thank you!|||Fallacy about self defense is that you will have time to retrieve any sort of weapon.More often than not,any attack directed toward you will be completely unexpected.

Now that I have you totally paranoid;consider any of the following or a combination of them:

Alarm system with motion detectors,doesn%26#039;t have to be monitored but needs to be LOUD.

Medium sized indoor or Large outdoor dog.They will alert you when someone encroaches in their territory.

Motion activated outdoor lights that illuminate the entire perimeter of your home.

Take a self defense course,local police may offer one.

Make friends with all of your neighbors,in my town,we still look after one another.

Worse case and you are attacked:bite,scratch,scream,kick,as though your life depends upon it;it does.|||A 400lb A$$ and a but ugly face...

Yup, that%26#039;l do it everytime!|||A good, stiff broom. Club on one end, scratcher on the other.|||A big man.|||base ball bat..u should put it near ur bed|||A golf club, pepper spray or even a BB gun. Or you can do what I do , a golf club and two Pit Bulls.|||You have eliminated the only effective self defense tools. Good luck with your knife! All you have left is to beg for mercy.

In order of effectiveness:



Pepper Spray


All require adequate training and regular practice to be safe and useful but if you are serious about self defence they are your only real choices.

Bert|||Any weapon that fits all your criteria is going to be impractically difficult to learn how to use. So if you don%26#039;t want to learn some kind of martial arts and you%26#039;re sure you don%26#039;t want a gun - then I%26#039;d say a cell phone and a locked door is your best option.|||screeeeeeeeeaaaaaammmmmmmm darling !!|||A man|||An attacker can usually cover 12 feet in a second which is the typical dimension for a normal size bedroom, if you are talking about your house I would say a loud alarm is the only alternative to what youve stated. Also a well balanced carpenters hammer around 23 ounces and some throwing practice would be a good choice.,|||A dog any size will do|||Chinese star|||I used hot cooking oil! of course you won%26#039;t always have hot cooking oil sitting around but it was quite effective! Throw it in the attacker%26#039;s face! burns like helloooooooooo and for a good long time too!!! Scars for life!!! the attacker was definetly %26#039;marked%26#039; and will always remember that attack!!! was easy to find him too!|||pots and pans.|||Throwing knives.|||the only thing you can use from a distance is a tazer or gun. lets be honest. and as far as a baseball bat or golf club... i%26#039;m not trying to be a psycho or whatever, but thats not gonna stop a big guy thats determined. if you think about it you really only have one chance and you have two options, head or groin, and don%26#039;t miss.

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