Friday, May 21, 2010

Do you need a certification to teach self defense?

I used to teach at a fitness center, but I didn%26#039;t need to have any certification at that time. I was wondering if things have changed.|||No rules saying you have to have certification, but experience helps.|||don%26#039;t think so|||It depends on what state you%26#039;re in. In CA, my husband has to have insurance and a certification of some sort (here, a black belt) to teach. The insurance usually requires the certification too.|||No there are no laws that require such certification, thank the Goddess. That would be just another way that the larger majority would force those of us who like doing things our way to conform to their way, which really dosen%26#039;t work so well, (in my view).

If there were %26quot;certifications%26quot; then who would dictate who was skilled and who wasn%26#039;t in such a field? Most, in my view, styles really do not focus on real life self defense anymore, should we allow those people to say who is certified? (hope not) The day there are standards and practices for martial arts as a whole that will be the day truth is finally eradicated from the martial skills.|||Just a loud..

HIE YAA!|||No.|||Sure do, if you have a formal school, or teach at a formal school.|||no just some training and marketing

some self defense courses and systems like the Israeli Self Defense system do not require it

Just great marketing, videos, etc. a Franchise program, word of mouth, etc|||different states, different rules. Check with licensing/secretary of state website/zoning|||Yes you do have to have certification to teach.|||I hope so otherwise I could start my own karate school and have myriads of clueless karate-wanna-bes wandering everywhere getting their arses kicked|||Unfortunately no! There is no current legislation stating you need to be certified to instruct self defense. However, it definitely helps drawn more students when you have credentials and have won hard competitions. I am a black belt in Goshin Jutsu Karate and before i got black belt ranking i was teaching some sparring classes because i have always excelled in fighting and two self defense classes to children. Whether or not a person has certification does not mean they will be any good anyways. Half of the instructors i run into couldn%26#039;t fight their way out of a wet paper bag which is pretty scary. The few percentage i have met that are actually worthy are very very good at what they do and definitely not into it for the money.|||at least you have proof that you can fight....|||Some states are trying to pass legislation that only 4th Degree and higher would be able to teach.

That means that if you are a 3rd Degree and have a school, you have to shut down.

I know of 6th and 7th degrees that aren%26#039;t worth a dungpile.

I believe that if this is going to happen, the state should appoint a board of true Masters and test the Teacher candidates for proficiency, experience and ability to teach.|||only if you want reconition

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