Friday, May 21, 2010

How do girls hit guys in the balls in self defense?

How would u hit a guy in the balls if he were attacking, annoying or mean to you?|||HARD!!!!! REALY HARD!!!!!!!|||do a back leg kick... it generates the most power. or if you wanted to hit him, that would be hard, but just pull back your fist, turn it wrist up and punch, twsiting your hips. and do it really hard while pushing foward. hope i helped~|||kick him as hard as you can ! then bolt into the other direction!!!!!|||Ball up my fist - and punch as hard as I can slightly above the opening of his legs.

If you hit it, you will know. |||Forget hitting him, I%26#039;d kick him. But not for being annoying.|||just a swift kick imbetween the legs works well! |||just freaking kick his NUTS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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