Friday, May 21, 2010

I want to become skilled at take downs and self defense. What martial art should I study?

I am not interested in being a MMA fighter, I work in a field that has a high risk of physical confrontation with people and I want to learn how to defend myself and take someone down.

What should I study?|||Judo


Now all you have to do is a find out which one you like best, and if you can find a good school in your area.

If you are just looking for mainly self-defense I would suggest Krav Maga, it%26#039;s great and really works no matter what anyone says. You did say you want to do take downs though, so that%26#039;s why I mentioned the other two.

Good luck, and stay safe.|||judo jujutsu krav maga systema|||Defiantly do aikido

it is an ancient Japanese martial art form.

It specializes in self defence.

It uses your opponents attack strength against themselves.

other martial art forms don%26#039;t compare. Aikido doesn%26#039;t do kicking though....for good reason|||Krav Maga. They have specialized course for law enforcement, vip protection, civilian self-defense, military field.

For take-downs, I would suggest judo. Note that judo alone will not give you complete skills and knowledge for self-defense.

BJJ is very appropriate for ground-work.|||Judo.|||All the aiki-jutsu branches, including: Jujitsu, Aikido, Judo, and BJJ. Probably also Hapkido, sambo, and a few others.|||we have a lot of cops in brazilian jiu jitsu|||Judo , Akidio, Krav Maga|||if you wonna do takedowns do judo, jujitsu or muiy taih.|||You should try Modern Arts... .45 Cal bullet tends to stop anything...|||Aikido definately. Judo if it%26#039;s traditionally japanese as opposed to the BJJ which is so commonly used in MMA. That%26#039;s no good against multiple attackers.

However, prepare for a really tough first year. It%26#039;s primarily learning to roll, break fall,and take a hit.|||for take downs nothing is better than wrestling|||Judo / Jujitsu|||Beany;

When you see stances in the kata of Okinawan MA, you are seeing leg traps and takedowns among other things.

Most instructors don%26#039;t have a complete understanding of their art as these concepts and theories were left out when Okinawans began to teach westerners.

As of late, the past 20 years, this information has been allowed among some chosen students.

If you find the right person, you can do well with an arsenal of grappling, vital points, atemi, takedowns/throws that the Okinawan arts art rich in.|||Judo|||Pecak Silat + Magic

anti pierce body, wall crawling, bullet proof

it takes long time to learn about 20+ years to master it

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