Monday, May 17, 2010

This boy admited he shot the victem in the back in self defense ,how can you shoot someone in the back in self

there was 7 eye wittness how can you shoot someone in the back in self defense running away from you?|||You cant.

It%26#039;s called %26quot;lack of responsibility.%26quot; This boy shot someone in the back. Was the victim running away? Was the victim armed? The shooter discharged his weapon in front of 7 witnesses. He needs to face the music.|||To dispel one myth, a person is capable of firing over their shoulder. Also, many times a person spins when they are shot at or is in the process of shooting as they turn. For example, I can be running after someone who turns to shoot at me while running. I may very well fire, hitting them in the back. Is that not justified? People have this idea that people can%26#039;t be shot in the back. Nothing could be further from the truth.

NYS law and the laws of many states allow deadly physical force not only to protect yourself or others but also to stop certain crimes.

Arson is one... deadly force can be used on a person commiting arson. Back, front or otherwise.

Location a person is shot is irrelevant. All that matters is if deadly physical force was justified.|||The first thing I thought of was the dead guy winding up with a baseball bat to crush the gun holders skull. If the gun is in the right hand and bat is being swung to the right and back the bullet will go in the back of the dead guy.|||Someone with their back to you is not only limited to running away they could be going for a weapon that is behind them such as a knife on a counter.

you are not required to wait for them to get it and turn around before you defend yourself. It would look better but not required.

I would have to know the details of the situation but when I was on the Sheriff%26#039;s department we had a case where a guy shot a guy in self defense in the back. There were unbiased witnesses who confirmed. The guys were fighting and the guy was reaching down to pick up a golf club when the guy shot him so it is possible.|||lots of reasons to possibly shoot someone hitting them in the back, were they going for a weapon?, were they turning their attack to another victim?,Were they breaking off their attack and leaving or merely moving into a better position?..did the person doing the shooting have a reasonable fear of harm to himself or another if he didnt stop the person he shot at that moment? was the shooting an immediate part of a violent confrontation were the shooting was a included event rather than a seperate action,as in the shooter was in the act of using his weapon in self defense when the attacker wheeled, so the shooting was a continuation of the event ? if someone has been violently attacked ,they can often claim self defense for shooting a retreating attacker so long as theshooting is reasonable and timely to the attack. would it stand %26quot;the test of a reasonable man%26quot;, meaning would the average %26quot;reasonable man under the same circumstances have felt justified to shoot? All are reasonable situations to %26quot;shoot someone in the back%26quot;|||No. Self defense? In the back? No one has the right to shoot anyone anywhere. The debate goes on if a robber is in your house robbing you can you legally shoot them? NO. You might want to but that is another story.|||maybe the victim did something to him before like tried to hurt him or kill him, and the boy was comfused and didn%26#039;t know what was happening and when the guy started to run away, he saw his chance in self defense to shoot him. You weren%26#039;t in the situation so you don%26#039;t know what he was thinking at that moment

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