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What is the best form of martial arts for someone to learn for self defense, who has no experience?

Also for someone who is just starting to get into exercising. Any advice/info is appreciated.|||well youll most probably get a lot of answers saying there is no best etc,etc because ppl dont bother to read the question properley and blind freedy can see your not asking what is the best style.

in my opinion a good style is freestyle karate as it will teach you stand up,ground/grappling and weapons.most freestyle karates are the most practicle for street wise self defence.try zendo kai,bushi kai or kempo or simular styles depending what country you are in.|||Before you can answer this question (and, make no mistake about it, you *are* the one who is going to have to answer it), you need to ask *yourself* some other questions:

1) What do you *mean* by the term %26quot;self-defense%26quot;? What sort of situations do you envisage that require some sort of %26quot;self-defense%26quot;? Single or multiple opponents? Armed or unarmed? Size relative to you? Do you expect to be grabbed, thrown, kicked, or punched? Can you speculate on the motivations for an attack? Do you expect merely to be robbed, or do you consider rape, maiming, or murder a possibility? These are very unpleasant questions to think about, but they%26#039;re necessary to figure out what your *personal* definition of %26quot;self-defense%26quot; is.

Essentially, what you have to figure out is:

a) What do you consider an %26quot;attack%26quot; that requires some sort of response?

b) What sort of response do you, deep in your heart of hearts, consider appropriate?

Note that the law where you reside may have a very different definition from the one you have in mind.

2) Who are you? What sort of personality type are you? Are you timid or assertive? What are your physical attributes? Note that an art which works well for a 220lb (100kg, for those of you in *rational* countries) 18 year-old female body-builder may prove useless for a 70 year-old man half her size, or for a small child.

3) How much time and effort are you *really* willing to put into this? Note that most people *drastically* overestimate this - you%26#039;re probably no exception to the rule. Almost any martial art can be used for %26quot;self-defense%26quot; *IF* you%26#039;re willing to invest the effort to become truly proficient at it. This includes a lot of arts which don%26#039;t look too practical at first glance. A lot of martial arts practice is repetitive, boring, painful, sweaty, exhausting WORK. How much of that are you really prepared to endure solely for something as nebulous as %26quot;self-defense%26quot;?

Now that we%26#039;ve scared you sufficiently, let%26#039;s discuss some specifics. Almost all martial arts have some %26quot;self-defense%26quot; application, but that application may be of marginal utility to you.

For example, the art of Shindo Muso Ryu Jodo is probably hard to beat if

you have to fight a traditional Japanese swordsman while armed with only a stick. But few people find themselves in that situation these days. Nevertheless, such an art develops excellent timing and an instinctive sense of distance - both of which are of great utility in defending oneself.

More mundane, and, if you will, %26quot;practical%26quot; specialties include throwing, punching, kicking, groundfighting, and so forth. There is endless argument about which of these is more %26quot;street applicable%26quot;, with not much general consensus. Some are probably better for one class of attacks, some for another|||My best advice is to take intro lessons in any style that appeals to you. Some are sport based while others are strictly self defense. I trained in aikido, jeet kune do, kali, jujutsu before choosing Tracy style kenpo karate. There is no sparring, tournaments etc just no rules all situational self defense and that is what I was after. You can read about different arts but you need to experience them to really know. Hope this helps and best of luck to you.|||I%26#039;m glad to hear you are interested in learning martial arts. This particular question is asked too often.

There is no best art. We all believe the styles that we train in are the best. Yes they are the best, but it is the best for us. It%26#039;s not the best for everyone. No style or art is better than the others. There are better artist and better fighter.

Do some research. Find some schools that are near you. Observe some classes. Find out if they have some trial classes. If they do, take the trial class. Make sure this is the best possible situation for you. It is so important to find a good school with good instruction instead of looking for a style. They all have something great to offer. Remember Knowledge is Power. Arm yourself with as much knowledge as you can.

Good luck and much success.|||AKi Do for self defence without aggressive response.

Krav Magada for aggressive defencive response.

Without getting into your lengthy prescripts.

Peace officer 25 years.

Read the web sites on each.

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