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What kind of form of martial arts is the best for knocking someone out or self defense?

I plan on joining the S.W.A.T. or maybe the CIA one day or maybe not ,but one thing I do know for sure is that I want to learn to defend my self and maybe be able to knock out a few people while I%26#039;m at it. I know that each form of martial arts has its weakness but still which is the best to learn? And why?|||There are several great styles to defends yourself, however knockout power really isn%26#039;t reliant on a style as much as it is the person throwing the punch.

There are several places on the head you can aim for to try and knock someone out a little easier like: The jaw, center of the chin, temple, and back of the head.

Here is a website that might help a out a little:

I believe it takes roughly 1700lbs of force to knock someone out (I might be wrong) if that gives you any idea of how hard you need to be hitting.

As far as the best martial art to learn there really isn%26#039;t any BEST to learn. I personally am a big fan of boxing and wrestling being some of the quickest ways to become proficient at defending yourself in a short period of time while at the same time being well versed enough to take on a multitude of different opponents.

Wanting to be in the CIA or S.W.A.T I would also look for disarming classes and knife defense courses. Anything that will teach you how to disarm your opponent to switch the odds in your favor.

However boxing or perhaps even Muay Thai would be great to teach you how to throw a punch, do foot work, improve conditioning, block, dodge, and it comes really naturally so it%26#039;s quick to pick up.

Wrestling also compliments boxing real well because it allows you to control the fight and either keep the fight standing or take it to the ground as you see fit. If you are of a smaller stature then I would probably think about substituting wrestling for Judo because Judo relies less on strength and more on leverage to be able to throw your opponents around.

No matter what martial art you choose though remember to try and get as much ring experience as possible because that will be the closest thing you come to an actual street fight. Ring experience will be the best way to see how you would fare in a fight and would allow you to make the best decisions when faced with the life or death situation you would be facing on whether or not to engage in a fight or play it safe and try and talk your way out.

Just try out different schools in your area, see what works best for you and what you feel most comfortable doing and make your decision from there. Boxing and wrestling are great for me, but maybe Judo and shotokan karate works better for you and your personal style. Make sure your instructor pushes their students to work harder! There is no such thing as easy, realistic, safe combat training. You want to be training hard and it should be painful to be realistic.

|||I have been taking Karate for over one year. In the beginning, I was forced to take it by my mom because I was getting beaten up. After the first class, I *LOVED* it!!! It teaches me confidence, self control, and strength. My %26quot;dojo%26quot; doesn%26#039;t do the whole screaming thing so much, which kind of scares me. My sunsai has over 50 years of experience and he is wonderful. A few months ago, I tried a different karate/ tae kwon doe school (ATA?) and was VERY unimpressed. They did the %26quot;HI-YA!%26quot; thing and didn%26#039;t actually practice karate very much. If you are a guy, you may like a more intense form of martial arts. I, being a girl, have gotten much from just easy(ish!) karate.

~Becka =]|||pick one and learn it well. then it wont matter. if you%26#039;re on a swat team, cia, anything like that and you let someone get that close to you then maybe you will be sent back for more training. If you just want to knock people around join the LAPD, Chicago or NY police. The Army teaches what they call Combatives, which is just the kill-or-be-killed version of MMA.|||Hapkido is pretty well balanced as far as martial arts gos, though a lot of law enforcement groups go for jujitsu (japanese, not brazilian, as standing is far safer in a situation where someone may be armed). If you want to do enforcement, grappling and restraint is better than punching.|||Confused User nailed it.

Give him 10 pts for best answer.

|||if you want to fight mma then i would say muay thai and bjj

but in a street situaion krav maga

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